Women in Web3 music – Celebrating International Women’s Day with Pianity

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Pianity has celebrated International Women’s Day by showcasing some of their female artists and raising awareness of the underrepresentation of women in the Web3 and music industries.

According to Pianity’s Twitter thread, women represent only 27% of the workforce and 13% of the founding teams in the Web3 industry. Meanwhile, in the music industry, women make up 22% of performers, 12% of songwriters, and a mere 2.6% of music producers worldwide.

Despite some progress made in recent years, the underrepresentation of women in these industries can result in missed opportunities for innovation and creativity. Pianity believes that diversity and inclusion are crucial for the growth and success of these industries and that unlocking the full potential of Web3 music will significantly push its development.

To support women in the Web3 and music industries, Pianity showcased some of their most successful releases made by female artists, including “T.O.X.I.C” by Thérèse, “How Soon Is Now?” by Dani Ramos, and “Gold Chain” by AiSh.

The female artists featured include:

  • Thérèse – Musician, stylist, model, and activist who brings her diverse experiences to life in her music. Her single “T.O.X.I.C” was one of the most successful releases on Pianity.
  • Dani Ramos – An active artist since 2009, Dani Ramos is a producer and founder of Lacroix Studios, where she releases music on respected labels such as Kindisch and La Marquise.
  • AiSh – AiSh has successfully engaged a worldwide audience for her music. Covering songs in Punjabi, Hindi and English, AiSh is a truly versatile talent with an instantly recognisable voice.
  • Cheryl B. Engelhardt – American Grammy-nominated singer, songwriter, composer, musician, speaker, and career coach, working in the genre of New Age.
  • Elizza – A fresh, London-based talent, crafting contemporary pop music that draws from the soul and spirit of R&B.
  • Shubostar – A rising artist exploring the underground music scenes of South Korea, Thailand, and beyond with a unique blend of disco and techno.
  • Erika Halliday – Erika Halliday, a versatile DJ and producer, who creates captivating music across various genres including house, electro, acid and techno.
  • Luana Flores – A multifaceted artist exploring the fusion of electronics and popular northeastern rhythms in her authorial work Nordeste Futurista, which promotes female empowerment.

Pianity encourages fans to show their support for female artists in Web3 by discovering and collecting their music on their platform. 

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