Winners Emerge from Arweave, Boba and Bundlr Hackathon

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Two winners have emerged from the hackathon co-facilitated by Arweave, Boba Network, and Bundlr Network, an outcome the hosts neither planned nor expected. All bets envisaged one overall winner, but judges were so impressed by the entries that a second-place winner was also selected. Wojciech Rybakiewicz of MemeNFT emerged as the first-place winner of the hackathon held on March 30, and winners were announced on Monday.

MemeNFT provides a solution that lets creators get paid by tokenizing their memes as NFTs and creates an on-chain voting avenue to share their works. The memes that have been tokenized are stored on Arweave through Bundlr and Boba. Boba Network quoted judges as saying that “this (MemeNFT) is a great dApp for building for and engaging community, with the ability to upvote and downvote content, stream microtransactions to creators, prove provenance as content evolves, with a simple and effective UX”.

Rybakiewicz described winning the hackathon as “great,” and judges said his project “is fitting well” in the rapid evolution of Web3.

“Memes are what we all love but they lack uniqueness — most often we don’t know the author because they are just jpegs that are copied across multiple platforms,” Rybakiewicz wrote on Twitter. “The idea behind Meme NFT project is simple — resolve those issues by improving Web2 memes by adding Web3 advantages — ownership and uniqueness by tokenizing them as NFT.”

DeCloud, the second runner-up, provides a tool that allows users to interact with Arweave with Boba wallet through Bundlr. Some of Decloud’s features are storage pointer, database API, secure storage, and file sharing and renting.

“…This was a sophisticated project, overcoming the headache of on-chain data storage costs, positioning DeCloud to be used and useful beyond this hackathon and something other developers will want to build on,” Boba Network wrote about the judges’ opinions.

MemeNFT won $15,000 worth of WAGMI tokens, while DeCloud was awarded $5,000 worth of WAGMI tokens.

In case you missed the hackathon kickoff, here is the recording:

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