It’s 4am. Your House is Burning. What Do You Save?

How to save what matters most with Arweave

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Since July 2020 data stored on the Arweave network has increased 10x. Source:
Where in this new online landscape can content live forever? Source: YouTube
Besides being just a store of value, blockchain and Bitcoin have given us a glimpse into the realm of data permanence. With Arweave we are seeing an evolution of that technology, expanding the concept of an immutable ledger to incorporate large amounts of data stored and distributed on a completely decentralized network.

Data permanence is here, and when controlled by the user it can provide peace of mind and a wealth of shared knowledge. The question each of us needs to ask ourselves is will we take control of our data, or will we allow someone else to do it for us? Who will curate our memories or the memory of us? Now is the time to consider your own data preservation strategy.

On Arweave the legacy of Peanut lives on! Source: Canva

As adoption of this new technology grows it’s becoming easier and easier to store your data on Arweave. It’s a good thing too, because while we cant totally rule out cryogenics, most likely Peanut isn’t going to live forever.

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