Warp Templates – The easiest way to deploy to Web3

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Warp is at it again, this time surprising developers with one of the easiest ways known in Web3 programming to create not only a smart contract using Warp Contracts, but also generate the front end of that contract with a complete User Interface (UI). 

Warp has achieved all that through Warp Templates.

Let’s dive in!

Warp Templates

Time is money, they say. And if you earn money in your time, that sentence is quite accurate. It would be the case for most people. That is why they seek to find new ways of becoming more productive in their work and – when it comes to repeating tedious tasks – utilise automated processes to complete them. Using a template is one of the ways that many achieve this productivity improvement. So why should it be any difference in Web3?

That is exactly what Warp has done, in this instance, by creating Warp Templates. 

Warp Templates allow users to generate smart contracts with a complete User Interface via the Warp Contracts Command Line Interface (CLI).

So, how do you go about generating a contract with Warp Templates? If you are a developer familiar with CLIs, it is very straightforward.

The first step is to install the Warp Contracts CLI locally on your machine.

Warp has put together a set of instructions on how to go through this process, which you can find on their GitHub page here. Once the installation has finished, you can run the warp generate command and choose the project name and appropriate contract template. Currently, Warp Templates supports Vanilla JavaScript & TypeScript templates.

Users are also asked if they “want to generate template for UI app?” – a.k.a. the contract’s front-end. If the user decides to deploy the smart contract with a UI, they will be able to choose from Vue and React templates. However, users also have the option of typing in “No”, hence not utilising this feature and deploying without a UI.

It could not be easier to follow through with this process if you are already an experienced coder. If, however, you are not, and you are looking at an easy way to learn and get into the Web3 development space, look no further than Warp’s very own Warp Academy, where users can go through lessons and tutorials, learning everything they need to get started in order to deploy their own smart contracts onto the blockchain.

You can learn more about Warp Academy here.

In their thread on Twitter (announcing Warp Templates), the Warp team hinted at many new developments coming soon to Warp. Check it out:

To learn more about Warp, check out their website here.

About Warp

Warp is an implementation of data-driven smart contracts built on top of the Arweave network. Created by RedStone Finance, the Warp contracts boast extremely high speed.

Using the RedStone Warp Contracts, developers can benefit from:

  • Fast transactions are processed in seconds.
  • A secure WASM sandboxed execution environment.
  • A convenient set of extra tools for developers.


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