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Another week, another great update from Arweave ecosystem heavyweight Warp Contracts (by RedStone Finance). Warp has just introduced its subscription plug-in, which allows for real-time smart contract state updates.

Let’s dive in!

Warp Subscription Plugin

Bringing useful tools to the ecosystem is what RedStone Finance and Warp do. Essentially, it is on this very premise that the Warp Contracts were created in the first place. Now, the Warp subscription plug-in is yet another tool that can be used by developers in the Web3 space, making the process of building their applications easier and quicker, thus allowing them to be more productive.

The plug-in allows for real-time state updates from smart contracts. The reason this is needed is due to the open nature of smart contracts living on a blockchain. They are accessible to anyone who wishes to view the public ledger, which is great for transparency. However, the biggest drawback comes in the form of increased difficulty for developers when updating and rendering the state of their decentralised applications (dApps).

The Warp subscription plug-in allows developers to subscribe to a smart contract and be notified of any state updates whenever a new interaction with the smart contract occurs. All they need to do is add a few simple lines to their existing code.

The Warp Sequencer connects all registered transactions to a linked list, to maintain the proper order (and also ensure user security) for any new smart contract states. And for anybody that wants to create their update plug-in, that is also possible using code offered by Warp.

This feature of Warp contracts is still in development but is ready to use by any developers that want to try out the beta version.

In one of their recent tweets, Warp teased readers about a messaging dApp that may be in the works.

If you are a new developer and are looking to get into the Web3 space, the main prerequisite is knowing at least one programming language. To write code using Warp you will need to be familiar with JavaScript, Assembly Script, Rust or Go. Warp also has a dedicated Warp Academy that developers can use to learn how to build their first dApps and smart contracts on Arweave. Check it out here.

About Warp

Warp is an implementation of data-driven smart contracts built on top of the Arweave network. Created by RedStone Finance, the Warp contracts boast extremely high speed.

Using the RedStone Warp Contracts, developers can benefit from:

  • Fast transactions are processed in seconds.
  • A secure WASM sandboxed execution environment.
  • A convenient set of extra tools for developers.

The Warp SDK provides useful methods which ease the process of evolving smart contracts. For those unfamiliar, evolving is a feature in SmartWeave that allows the contract deployer to add more properties to the contract’s state – even after deploying the contract and its state files.

For more info on how to implement the SDK in your contracts, please check out RedStone’s official readme here.

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