Warp Academy Introduces New Tutorials

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The team behind Warp – the data driven smart contracts on Arweave – have announced that they have released their long awaited 1.2.x version of their Software Development Kit (SDK). The SDK contains improvements for the state executor internals and APIs.

You can check out all the documentation on their GitHub repo here.

Following on from the release of the 1.2.x version of the SDK, Warp have already gone ahead and updated the rest of their ecosystem of tools and resources, including their Warp Academy (previously known as RedStone Academy) tutorials. At the same time, they have released two entirely new tutorials for developers to try out:

Ardit – A social app contract based on Reddit.

Dex – A token exchange contract based on the Uniswap protocol.


In the Ardit tutorial developers can learn how to implement a simple contract that can be used as a base for the creation of a decentralised social application. The decentralised application (dApp) contract allows for the end user to post a message, upvote or downvote a message, and read a message based on its id.

In the tutorial, developers can ultimately learn:

  • The basic concepts of SmartWeave.
  • The Warp SDK core methods.
  • How to implement, test, and deploy a simple smart contract.


In the Dex tutorial developers can learn how to create a simple token exchange. The tutorial is based on the Uniswap protocol, the leading decentralised finance (DeFi) dApp on the Ethereum chain.

Developers will ultimately learn how to:

  • Deploy multiple contracts.
  • Implement cross-contract interactions (internal writes).
  • Architect a contract that may control other assets.
  • Understand how one of the most important DeFi protocols in Web3 works under the hood.

Warp at EthWarsaw

During the recent EthWarsaw Web3 hackathon the Warp team held workshops on how to deploy modular smart contracts to Arweave and its Permaweb. The attendees were able to take part and learn how to build Ardit – an Atomic NFT based contract. They also had the opportunity to get hands on using Warp in a real world dApp. Warp (together with the Arweave team) also put out a few bounties for anyone using their developer SDK – in order to introduce these developers to the Warp contracts and ecosystem of tools, helping them put their ideas into code.

Freedom of speech on the Internet, decentralised social media platform, hub for coordinating and gathering communities were some of the ideas built.

The winning app is called Freech.

About Warp

Warp is an implementation of data-driven smart contracts built on top of the Arweave network. Created by RedStone Finance, the Warp contracts boast extremely high speed.

Using the RedStone Warp Contracts, developers can benefit from:

  • Fast transactions processed in seconds.
  • A secure WASM sandboxed execution environment.
  • A convenient set of extra tools for developers

The Warp SDK provides useful methods which ease the process of evolving smart contracts. For those unfamiliar, evolving is a feature in SmartWeave that allows the contract deployer to add more properties to the contract’s state – even after deploying the contract and its state files.

For more info on how to implement the SDK in your own contracts, please check out RedStone’s official readme here.

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