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You may be familiar with how affiliate, partner, and referral links work in the Web2 world, but it is definitely an area which is lacking in the Web3 one.

Usher – the partnerships platform for Web3, built on the Arweave Blockchain – is on a mission to fill in that gap. And it has just announced the launch of Programs, an open-source library which enables third-party developers to integrate decentralised Partner Programs and Community Coordination into their Web3 applications.

The Programs library opens up a whole new world of referral opportunities for the Web3 space.

If you are curious to find out more, let’s dive in!

Usher Programs

Usher has been developing a Web3 solution for referral programs for some time now. Via their Decentralised Application (dApp), projects and teams are able to create referral programs that reward users for referring others to their projects via – you guessed it – affiliate links.

But when it comes to Web3 applications that want to embed all of Usher’s features into their own code, they need a library or SDK to properly do so. That is where Programs comes into play.

Programs is a new open-source code repository (library) which enables developers to integrate Usher’s Partner Programs and Data Collection technology into their applications easily. Via Programs, developers are able to utilise features such as:

  • Authentication
  • Link sharing over decentralised data
  • Wallet connections
  • Affiliate marketing campaigns with crypto rewards

As per the official announcement of Programs (which you can view here):

The Programs code repository is comprised of packages that can be used to:

  1. Enable your users to interface directly with Ceramic and Usher APIs, whereby users own their own critical data.
  2. Create and deploy your own referral Campaigns on Usher

Interfacing with Ceramic requires that each user generate their own DID. Usher Programs include an Authentication package to expedite this step, abstracting the use of Wallet & Social Connections to produce said DIDs. While Programs currently supports the creation of partnerships and their associated shareable invite links for Campaigns, it will be further improved to incorporate link creation simply for data collection such that said data can be shared with the application developer integrating with Usher.

That’s a mouthful. If it is all gibberish to you, the essence is this:

  1. Web3 needs a way to incorporate referral strategies.
  2. Referral strategies on web3 can be more reliable than those on web2 for reasons such as using transparent blockchains to avoid fake referrals or having the data stored on an immutable blockchain that cannot be altered, allowing users to collect their referral rewards without worrying about an expiry date.
  3. Usher is solving this with their application.
  4. And now, Programs provides developers who need a way to integrate these referral strategies into their code with an easy method to do so.

Usher is live as we speak, and anyone wanting to can create a referral campaign which rewards partners accordingly. Campaigns can point to URLs as well as Smart Contract events. The team is also working on a new release that allows for data collection and insights from referral links.

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