Universe.XYZ Drops an NFT Collection to Aid Ukraine

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Right now the world is going through one of the most significant conflicts it has seen in a long time, with Russian President Vladimir Putin’s government invading Ukraine under the guise of liberation. Many have sought out to help and donate to Ukrainian NGOs and causes, and the Ethereum wallet of the Ukrainian government alone currently holds millions in ETH and USDC.

Now, Universe.XYZ is joining in to help, having created an NFT collection straight out of Ukraine, with all sale proceeds going to support the country.

The NFT collection features six different NFTs, which are all on sale for 0.06 ETH each, with users being able to either mint a single NFT or multiple ones in a bundle.

At the time of writing, minting, which was set to be live for 72 hours, has 50 hours remaining, with the drop already having raised over 34 ETH (approx. $100k).

Upon completion of the sale, all funds will be transferred to the official Ukrainian Ethereum address that they set up last week when they reached out for help.

What is Universe.XYZ?

“Our goal is to be an NFT on-chain liquidity layer, much like Uni is for fungible tokens, and we have a lot of stuff in the works to live up to that goal.” – Chuba – Universe core team member.

Universe.XYZ, is a profit-sharing community built on xyzDAO that seeks to create tools for NFT creators, as well as a marketplace for their NFTs to be distributed on. They recently unleashed their Universe minting contracts:

With the help of their tools, NFT creators are able to create community driven NFT “Universes”, with integrated social management tools and media services. They aim to replace the traditional ways of doing things with better, more modern ways which have been tested and proven.

Upon minting, all image assets and metadata are stored on Arweave.

Let’s take a closer look.

What is a Universe?

A Universe is the core of every NFT collection created using the protocol. Universe is a collection of collections and a separate NFT is created for every item within it. Collections are not limited to one file type, as many different NFT file formats can exist within it.

At the same time a collection can have a sub collection. A sub collection can be created retrospectively, but it would still be programmatically linked back to its parent one. This allows the community that’s driving the evolution of the collection to be able to branch it out, over time, into many different things. Governance is granted via the $XYZ token.

Prior to now, they had accommodated the drop of 2 NFT Universes, the Polymorph Universe and the Lobby Lobsters Universe, with more set to come soon.


Universe.XYZ is also creating a decentralised NFT marketplace in which users can host auctions of their pieces of art, whether they be pre-existing or created as new. For the initial auctions there will be zero fees but in order to help further the Universe.XYZ DAO, a 2% fee will be taken from every secondary sale made on their platform.


Universe is fresh off the shelves and has a lot ahead of it. They were originally planning on showcasing what artists can do utilising their protocol, and marketplace, by releasing their own NFT collection featuring original characters and lore. Now it seems they will be noticed, as they join in with the plethora of crypto users helping support Ukraine.

“I’m incredibly excited about the future of NFTs. I personally believe there are many unexplored applications that we’ll see come to life over the next year, and a marketplace to support them is critical imo.” – Chuba – Universe core team member

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