Uniswap is Down Constantly? It’s Time to Deploy Your Own Permanently Accessible Ar Version!

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Recently, numerous users have reported that they are unable to access Uniswap. How many times have you heard about Uniswap being down due to Cloudflare routing issues?
Uniswap has down for hours. Its mod said in the discord: For all users unable to access the Uniswap web app, this is an ongoing issue. It’s an issue with Cloudflare routing.
— Wu Blockchain (@WuBlockchain) November 17, 2022
As the top decentralised cryptocurrency trading system, the Uniswap web application reached a new high in 2022 in terms of new users and a high of 55,550 new trading wallets per day.
This is happening as traders flock to decentralised exchanges (DEX) in the wake of the sudden, catastrophic collapse of FTX.
Even, on November 14, Uniswap overtook Coinbase to become the second largest exchange for ethereum trading after Binance. As a result, the reliability of the site will become a common concern for anyone who uses Uniswap products. Are you at a standstill because you have been unable to access the Uniswap website? Why don’t we, as users, solve this problem once and for all by deploying a Uniswap page that never goes down?
Based on that, this tutorial will help you deploy an Arweave-based Uniswap front-end page from Github. If you’re interested, please scroll down!
This tutorial uses 4EVERLAND’s decentralised deployment service, if you want to learn more about 4EVERLAND, please visit

Get Started

Firstly, we need to access the official Uniswap Github repository at:
Select ‘interfave’
Change the name of the project you want and click ‘create fork’
Then, please login to 4EVERLAND
Click on the ‘New Project’ button
Import the ‘interfave’ git repository
Choose to deploy at Arweave
We just need to keep the default settings and click ‘Deploy’
Wait a moment and view the deployed Uniswap page
When the following page appears, you have successfully deployed Uniswap to the Arweave
Back to viewing project details and keep an eye on the Ar Hash
Trust me, it’s far easier than you think, and it’s totally free!
Access fine? Congratulations you already have an exclusive Ar version of Uniwsap! It’s easy to access this page anytime, anywhere and to do any Uniswap thing, also, you can share this page with your friends – a decentralised, permanently deployed front-end Ar Uniswap!


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