Two testnets completed and Permaswap’s Beta Version coming soon – Join the next wave of cross-chain trading on Arweave!

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Testnets play an essential role in the development of any blockchain project. They allow developers to experiment with new features and protocols without disrupting or compromising the security of the mainnet. They also provide a way for projects to gather feedback from users before launching new features or protocols on the mainnet. Permaswap has completed two testnet successfully, thanks for the support of our community. So before we go to the next stage : Beta Version, let’s look back at what we got from the testnet.

First Testnet

The first testnet was held from the 18th of October till the first of November. 4513 people registered through our form and received their testnet tokens. Around 1,000 people actively used their testnet tokens and tried out Permaswap. We collected 367 verified feedback forms from our community. During the first testnet, we wanted to test how our new DEX would react to the onboarding of a big group of people in a short period. Here is the feedback we gathered from our users.


We wanted to gather feedback from our community and were very satisfied with the results.

The feedback we received?
– Overall product satisfaction: 99.7%
– Simplicity: 94%
– User Experience: 95.3%
– User Interface: 96.2%
– Platform Design: 97.2%

Did you have any unpleasant experiences during the testnets? Please share your feedback with the Permaswap team so we can improve our product accordingly! However, from the statistics, users are satisfied with the product features and UX of Permaswap’s testnet version. 

Second Testnet

Permaswap’s second testnet was another success. During the second testnet, we aimed to bring volume to the platform to see whether Permaswap has any limitations to deal swap which hand in the same time. People in our community actively took part in this quest. Thanks to some engaged community members that built bots specifically for Permaswap, we could exceed 5 million USD in total volume.

During the second testnet, you could also provide liquidity as LP. We had some issues with the client at the start of the Limitless Testnet, but after someone from the community reported them, we got to fix them quickly. Congratulations to these users who got the juicy rewards!!!

Next Step

The response to our previous test nets has been overwhelmingly positive, with many community members participating and providing valuable feedback. We have heard the calls from our community and are excited to announce that the Beta Version for Permaswap, Arweave’s first cross chain DEX, will soon be open for participation. Join us on this journey to the future of decentralized trading!

This is an exciting opportunity for the community to be among the first to experience the power of Permaswap, Arweave’s first cross-chain DEX. As Beta users, you have the unique opportunity to shape the future of decentralized trading and be at the forefront of this cutting-edge technology. Your feedback and contributions will help us create a better product for the entire Arweave community. We thank you in advance for your participation and support. Be an early adopter and join our community today! Follow our Twitter account and join our Discord server to stay up-to-date with the latest news and announcements.

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