Twelfth auction is here! Feat. Pianity and BirdSong Project Charity

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This auction brings us a special guest: Pianity. With Pianity comes the BirdSongProject, a charity for Birds. A Guide to the Birdsong is a series of albums inspired by the song of endangered birds, created to raise awareness and funds for their protection. Each album focuses on one region of the world.

We challenge ten artists from the thriving local music scene to create a piece of music using, and inspired by, the song of a threatened species from the region.

All of the profits from the albums are donated to local organizations working to save these species and their habitats. To date we have released two Volumes and raised a total of over $50,000 USD for on-the-ground bird conservation.

Click here if you’d like to check out more on ShikaShika!

A bit more about the BirdSong project by ShikaShika

The project was born from a simple but beautiful idea — to challenge some of the most talented producers and musicians from one region of the world to create a track inspired by the song of an endangered bird from their country. Raising awareness and driving change through music.

What are our friends over at Pianity doing?

Pianity is a music NFT marketplace where musicians and their communities gather to create, collect, and trade songs in limited editions. Pianity focuses on music and is accessible to everyone to join a community of fanatic collectors.

Pianity opted for Arweave. Arweave has developed an alternative blockchain which is the next generation of decentralised networks dedicated to permanent data hosting. Both the smart contract and the music file are stored forever on the blockchain.

Pianity’s pioneering approach — which includes free listening for all and permanent storage of both the smart contract and the music files using Arweave — enables a deeper connection between the artist and their audience.

Event Time

We are starting on 09–01–2022 at 3 PM GMT+1. Whitelisted users will be able to bid 15-minutes before everyone else! The auction ends when the last bid is 12 hours old.

Whitelist: Here!

Explanation of the rules

Below you’ll have rules to read before participating in the auction, we have a simplified version and a more degen version further down.

  1. With this auction, the minimum bid will be 5% greater than the current winning bid for your bid to be successful. The starting minimum amount will be 0.1 AR. The proceeds from the auction will be distributed back to the community, artists, and previous NFT winners.
  2. NFT holders from past activities (Liquidity mining, Auctions) will receive 10% of all proceeds.
  3. Users who actively partake in the auction and get outbid will receive 40% of the proceeds (from when the user gets outbid).
  4. Birds will receive 50% of all proceeds from the auction (donated to organizations after the auction).
  5. The only way to bid will be by using AR. The only place to bid will be on If you don’t have AR on everPay, you can do one of two things:

How to Deposit AR: If you have AR, you can deposit AR or wAR;

Buy AR in everPay: Purchase AR by using either USDC or USDT with our feeless cross-chain dex (You can deposit USDC/USDT on everPay to swap to AR)

How to distribute NFTs

These NFTs will be minted and distributed by Pianity on the Arweave blockchain. They will be distributed once the auction is completely over.

NFT utility reminder and last auction’s statistics

Just a reminder that each NFT that is obtained by the winners of the auctions will have real use cases.

With the announcement of Permaswap also came the announcement of what these NFTs would be used for. NFTs earned from auctions will be used as entry tickets to liquidity mine on Permaswap. 50% of the total supply of tokens will be used as incentive mining.

Here are some statistics from our last successful auction to give you an insight into what can happen!

A total of 376.80 AR was profited by participating in the auction

Just for actively bidding and getting outbid the top 3 gainers made:

  • #1 user made: 13.59 AR for actively participating
  • #2 user made: 11.25 AR for actively participating
  • #3 user made: 10.51 AR for actively participating

Happy Bidding!

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