Tipping for Sharing – An EverFinance Initiative That Addresses the Entire Arweave Ecosystem

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Remember the Metaforo tipping bot for Discord servers? We wrote about it in one of our weekly reports. If you’re a member of the everFinance Discord community, you’ve probably seen the “ $tip @xxxx 0.1 AR ”, “ $balance AR ” “ $withdraw ” commands recently. That’s the Discord Tipping Bot that was made by everPay’s partner Metaforo.

It helps you tip anyone you like in the Discord community with crypto and when I say anybody, that literally means anybody. You can tip a member who doesn’t even have a crypto wallet yet. As soon as they get one, make an everPay account, and link it with Discord via Metaforo, they’ll receive the pending transaction.

As you can see, the bot is pretty awesome by itself. Still, everFinance managed to make it cooler by putting it to good use. They are using the bot to tip their community members on Discord, each time they share news about the Arweave ecosystem.

The first iteration of the program will end on the 17th of May but we talked to them and we know for certain that this will continue under various iterations. The next one will have a slightly different rule and will tip links of retweeted news about Arweave. We know it, you know it: there is a lot to unravel about Arweave and there are a lot of people totally unaware of the mechanics of permanent storage.

A few hours ago Ownbase, one of the ecosystem’s projects, made a very compelling analysis of how people unaccustomed to blockchain are viewing Web3 in general and Arweave in particular:

In one single tweet, they managed to identify the problem and the solution. Sharing resources about Arweave is the key. Our ecosystem isn’t built on hype. The last events in the crypto space showed how dangerous it is to replace actual information and knowledge about a protocol with rockets and moon promises.

Let’s create and incentivise the culture of sharing information about our network. What EverFinance is doing right now is the first tiny step towards this goal.

As you can see, the majority of the content shared comes, naturally, from us, but we know that almost every project has its own blog where they share new developments and insights about the ecosystem. The content is already there and it will only grow in size. It’s only on us to spread it far and wide. Literally – sharing is caring.

If you are a project try and replicate this kind of initiative for your community members. If you are a community member, just share the stuff you find information with others. Debate ideas, and ask for opinions, that’s how we grow together.

To summarize:
Are you a project and you want to add this feature to your Discord channel? Pretty easy! All you need to do is install the bot. Are you a community member and want to share and get tipped? Read “How to use Discord tipping bot” and join the EverFinance Discord.

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