The Snapshot is Now on Arweave Via 4EVERLAND

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We are pleased to see Snapshot’s willingness to implement data uploads to the Arweave network through our decentralized storage service, 4EVERLAND-Bucket. Having become Snapshot’s IPFS service provider, 4EVERLAND is now also the current and only provider of Arweave storage services for them.
Decentralized storage and distributed storage are widely acknowledged to be expanding alongside Web 3.0’s own development as the necessary infrastructure for its future growth. We are happy to cooperate with a wide range of projects and will keep upgrading and optimizing our products to provide high-speed, stable storage services.

Why IPFS + Arweave

IPFS is currently the most widely used storage protocol in the industry, the market demand and usage scenarios are still increasing.
4EVERLAND’s global high-performance nodes have great advantages in response speed and stability among similar competitors, and with the addition of 4EVERLAND, ‘Pin to IPFS’ becomes easier, faster, and more stable. Of course this solves to some extent the limitations of IPFS public nodes in terms of dispersion, bandwidth performance, and physical distance. 4EVERLAND empowered IPFS protocol is sufficient to meet the availability of Web3 domain in the hot data layer. Then why do we need Arweave at the same time?
Arweave is a new type of storage solution that provides sustainable and permanent data storage for developers and users. In terms of economics and storage efficiency, it is more suitable for long-term, unchanging storage needs. One of the fastest growing areas of NFTs, Arweave is well suited to meet the needs of NFT data storage: permanently immutable.
In the meantime, this attempt by Snapshot has given us a glimpse of new possibilities for the storage of voting data, or the results data of governance. Again, neither individuals nor organizations should change these results. But traditionally in the industry, this data is stored centrally on centralized servers, and Snapshot changes this, via IPFS, while Arweave.
Since permanent and traceable data can be achieved by utilizing IPFS + Arweave synchronous storage, the risk of data loss is reduced.

The simplest way to implement

4EVERLAND provides one of the easiest solutions to implement synchronous storage with IPFS + Arweave. No coding, no extra operations, just turn on the ‘sync to AR’ option in the Bucket and 4EVERLAND will do the rest for you automatically.
This means that you can always sync files pinned to IPFS via 4EVERLAND Bucket to Arweave for permanent storage.
In this area, 4EVERLAND, as the only Web3 development platform on the market that is compatible with both integrated IPFS and Arweave storage protocols, is sufficient to provide developers with a more comprehensive storage solution to meet different storage needs.
Happy syncing!


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