The OpenWebFoundry4, $100K in prizes!

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The Open Web Foundry is a 6-week program guiding founders and developers through the process of launching an amazing new startup on Arweave’s network. From the initial idea to product to acquiring users and pitching to top-tier investors alongside other incredible founders.

The current version of the Open Web Foundry is the fourth one (OWF4). Unlike other coding hackathons, the OWF is a special event where not only developers can participate, there are developers, founders, designers, and much more. If you think that you have or are working or going to work on a great idea that meets Arweave and the decentralized web3 “ethics”, don’t hesitate to apply!

The OWF4 was launched on July 21st, and it expires on the 2nd of September 2021. All the applicants have to create an account on in order to list their work/idea. There are $100K allocated from Arweave team for the OWF4, but that does not mean you cannot get more investments through pitching!

Learn more about the OWF4 details, rules, and prizes here:

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