The Graph Set To Index Base, Coinbase’s Layer 2 Testnet

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The Graph said on Thursday that it is integrating Base, a layer two network built on the Optimism Stack, secured by Ethereum and incubated by Coinbase, making it possible for public data on the Base to be indexed and easily accessible by developers and other users.

Layer two blockchains offer developers an easier, low-cost way to build decentralised applications on-chain.

The Graph said developers could begin to build applications on Base testnets, deploy smart contracts and smoothly record data emitted by those smart contracts using subgraphs.

The Graph serves the needs of Base developers by making it easy to access public data and build performant decentralised application front ends, said Tegan Kline, co-founder of Edge and Node.

“ We cannot wait to see the subgraphs that entrepreneurs and developers build on top of Base.”

The Base is in testnet. It aims to be a launchpad for third-party wallets, decentralised applications built by developers. It will also serve as on-chain home for Coinbase’s product and users. Reports say Coinbase will, in the meantime, be the sole sequencer or validator and executor of transactions on the chain and that it has no plans to issue a token. It will, however, fully decentralise over time. Forty-eight crypto partners had access to the testnet.

The Graph, a decentralised data indexing and query platform said it was excited to see Coinbase take a step towards decentralisation. It supports indexing data from 39 networks including Ethereum, NEAR, Arbitrium, Arweave and Optimism.

This is a further step towards decentralisation and speaks volumes of the trend we will continue to see where centralised companies launch decentralised infra powered by The Graph, Kline said.

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