The Graph Adds Support For Four Blockchains Two Months To The End Of Its MIPs Programme

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The Graph, an indexing and query layer, is adding four blockchains to its decentralised network through the Migration Infrastructure Providers (MIPs) programme setup to bootstrap indexers to provide support for multiple chains allowing easy retrieval of data for Web3 use, the protocol announced on Wednesday.

The newly added blockchains are Arbitrum, Avalanche, Celo and Optimism. Existing chains on the decentralised network are Gnosis and Polygon, bringing the total number of chains added through the MIPs to six. This all becomes possible as The Graph prepares to end its hosted service in the first quarter of 2023.

Expanding its network of chains does not end with providing support. Indexers have to run nodes that index and query chain data. According to The Graph, the MIPs programme which began in September 2022 will run for six months and participants such as indexers will be required to perform tasks related to each chain that is added during the programme, including testing new chains and software stack; support the migration of subgraphs by providing high quality service; mainnet syncing and attend workshops.

Multichain on the network is pretty big. Indexers have to spin up nodes for each chain and decide which subgraphs to index. Proof of indexing has to be submitted and rewards have to be distributed. Now that multichain is live, we should see new chains accelerating, Yaniv Tal, The Graph’s co-founder said.

Tegen Kline, the co-founder of Edge and Node which helped to launch and monetise The Graph, had told Arweave News in July 2022 that The Graph would index all of the world’s data, “no matter the chain it is on… The goal is for permissionless additions of chains on The Graph Network so that anyone can add any chain in the future”.

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