The $CREATE Token Pre-Sale has started!

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Creaton has launched it’s utility token pre-sale on OtoGo by! The token sale ends on 14/5/2022.

Creaton is starting a DAO and will reward creators and their fans for contributing to the platform in $CREATE.

With the $CREATE token, governance of the project will be in the hands of contributors and creators who want to create the best platform to get compensated for creativity.

How does the token sale work?

OtoGo is a new type of token sale platform that allows people to reserve tokens at a set price while still being able to withdraw/unstake funds (ERC-20 USDC/USDT/DAI) before the token sale ends. The earlier one stakes, the cheaper the price per $CREATE!

Official link to token sale (!!never trust DMs with token sale links!!):

About Creaton

Each subscribers “streams” your monthly set amount of USDC directly to your wallet, so you see the amount in your wallet go up every second! Learn more: Superfluid

Each post is minted as an NFT right into your Polygon wallet (which is an Ethereum based, energy efficient PoS blockchain), the content itself is stored on the Arweave network, which is a decentralized file storage network.

This means that no one can ever delete your content, and you can display your NFT on every NFT platform you want to!

Subscriber only content is encrypted through the Lit Protocol, our upcoming requestable NFT feature (Web3 Cameo/Fiverr) will be encrypted through Threshold (formerly known as NuCypher).

Learn more: Arweave / Polygon / Lit Protocol / Threshold

Direct connection with your audience

Creaton will have integration with Social Tokens (i.e. mintable on Coinvise). Social tokens are a Web3 native way to issue rewards to fans and gauge their patronship, this way long term-subscribers who accrued enough tokens can get access to a superfan channel on the creators Discord, for example!

Followers aren’t tied to our platform, thanks to the CyberConnect protocol, so if you follow someone on Creaton, you follow them on every other platform with CyberConnect integration! All of this means that we can seamlessly integrate with other Web3 platforms, which is already being planned.

Only together we can go far and replace the current monopolistic Big Tech companies to an equitable, more transparent, censorship-resistant world where creators are fairly compensated for their work, without being shackled to an algorithm that optimizes clicks over connection.

We hope for you to tag along our journey to build a better web!

The Creaton V1 production version will be live very soon, we will let everyone know when they can start creating,

Stay tuned on our Twitter and join our community on Discord.

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