Textury Wants Gateway Operators on Arweave Incentivised

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Textury is in talks with Arweave, a decentralised storage network, to create a system that incentivises gateways that provide access to explore contents stored on the permaweb. This was announced by its founder, Cedrik Boudreau on Permaweb Pioneers by Only Arweave.

The incentive would help operators of the gateways to carry out maintenance of their infrastructure. There are three gateways to the Arweave ecosystem operating in mainnet, while at least two are in testnet.

It’s nice that everyone will be able to run their own gateways, but if you get hit by a high traffic of people that are trying to get data from your gateway, the bill goes quite fast, it goes pretty high…we also want to bring incentivisation to the gateways, Boudreau said.

Textury recently launched Arg8, a gateway its creators say strives to ensure queries return the same results as It is one of the early gateways to Arweave – despite limited access to codes which forced developers to build from the ground up.

So one of the main features that we wanted to bring to our gate is allowing pretty much anyone to get started with their own gateway as fast as possible. Along with this, we want to have less limitations on what people need to have since the very beginning, he mentioned also.

Unlike Arg8, Community.XYZ, an application Textury built within three weeks, helping create profit-sharing communities, has been slow in development. The founder added that there are plans to improve it even though it is second in priority to Arg8.

So one thing that we want to add for sure is having different smart contracts for different kinds of communities that are created on top of Community.XYZ[…] Another thing that we want to improve is something we call opportunities.  Opportunities are ways to earn some of those profit sharing tokens that the community has. This is done by completing various tasks on different projects,  said Cedrik Boudreau.

The founder, who said he began coding at the age of 14, said regulations and finding lawyers who understand how blockchain technology works have made building a company tedious. He advises developers to establish contact with lawyers before creating codes in order to save time.

We are at a point that we are at last creating the company itself, with the ability to hire more people and getting investments, Boudreau said also.

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