Supernovas Launch DAO Token

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Launch Alert! Social NFT marketplace Supernovas have just announced their DAO token launch. We had the chance to speak with Mikaela and Rasmus, the two co-founders of Supernovas, to get their thoughts on the launch and the future of the platform.

But first, let’s see just what’s happening!

Currently, Supernovas is hosting a pre-sale event for early community members, through which they will be able to get their hands on NFTs, representative of Supernovas DAO token stakes. These NFTs will grant them access to buy tokens at the same valuation as pre-seed investors. 5% of the total supply of the Supernovas DAO tokens will be up for grabs for holders of the NFTs.

The three NFTs are as follows:

  • Diamond Tier – 20 EDITIONS
    PRICE – 200 $DESO
    Access to  10k SUPERNOVAS DAO TOKENS (0.1% of supply)
  • Platinum Tier – 200 EDITIONS
    PRICE – 20 $DESO ($814)
    Access to 1k SUPERNOVAS DAO TOKENS (0.01% of supply)
  • Gold Tier – 1000 EDITIONS
    PRICE – 2 $DESO ($81)
    Access to 100 SUPERNOVAS DAO TOKENS (0.001% of supply)

The main utility of the Supernovas DAO token will be governance in the community run DAO, as 100% decentralisation is the end goal for Supernovas. The Supernovas DAO token has a max supply of 100m tokens, and will be programatically deflationary, as transaction fees will be used to buy back Supernovas DAO tokens from the market, and subsequently burnt, increasing liquidity and the value of the remaining token supply, thus creating value for all token holders.

The DAO tokens will be available to the general public in May and immediately available for trading on DAOSwap.

‍Upon asking Mikaela what the biggest challenge was when launching the token, she had this to say:

“The biggest struggle preparing for the token launch has probably been that the product we are launching the token on,, is not live yet. The team, however, has been extremely helpful and has been working closely with us every step of the way to help us even though the product is not yet out. There are a lot of unknowns when planning a launch on a new product. But we really believe in the (DAO,DAO) team and we believe it will be successful.”

The Supernovas team are not stopping at the creation of the DAO token. There are some huge updates on the way, including, but not limited to:

  • Access-gated group chats,
  • collection minting, and
  • DAO creation features.


“The next steps of the Supernovas journey after the token release are going to be incredible ones. I have never felt more confident in the Supernovas product, our core team building Supernovas, or our community that will one day soon govern and control Supernovas.” Rasmus explained. 

Supernovas are smashing down all the boundaries, jumping over every hurdle that might com in their way, and coming out victorious. As a result, they present us with the massive, and innovative, future that a decentralised NFT marketplace can have.

In the long-term, our evolution will land on Supernovas becoming a decentralized Super App, combining the best distributed technologies and its primitives to bring 1 billion people into our decentralized universe.” said Mikaela.

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