Spheron To Host dApps On Reef Chain In Exchange For Technical Assistance

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Decentralised applications building on Reef blockchain will now be hosted by Spheron Protocol as part of a collaboration agreement announced on Monday, in which the former provides technical assistance to the latter in exchange, signalling a healthy drive to boost Web3.

In the win-win agreement both firms will introduce the other to their ecosystem, partners and users and contribute to each other’s growth and expansion.

Reef is an EVM-compatible blockchain for decentralised finance projects, non-fungible tokens and gaming. Spheron Protocol helps deploy applications on decentralised platforms.



In light of the partnership, Reef will attach its domain and use Spheron to decentralise its user interface. And as we begin technological integration with funding, knowledge exchange, and ecosystem push, Reef agreed to offer Spheron technical help whenever required, a release announcing agreement reads.

“In addition, Spheron gains access to a new track in Reef’s content and social media strategies, focusing on showcasing Spheron as their deployment and hosting partner. They’ll recommend Spheron as a hosting partner to their customers and work with Spheron as a deployment partner.”

The firms also revealed that Reef will manage Spheron’s technological collaboration and the layer of decentralised storage.

Prashant Maurya, CEO and co-founder of Spheron said the partnership adds value to the Web3 ecosystem and accelerates mass adoption.

Reef blockchain described its partnership with Spheron as adding value to its bid for mass adoption and scalability.

We look forward to amplifying development and innovations in this space collectively and working towards a future we wish to build for the next billion users of Web3, Reef said.


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