Spheron Protocol Partners With Gather Network To Make Building on Web3 Easier for Developers

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Spheron, a protocol which automates the deployment of applications on decentralised hosting platforms, has partnered with Gather Network. Gather Network facilitates a business model for apps and websites that is not reliant on ads for revenue – to make building on Web3 easier for developers, Spheron said on Friday.

The collaboration allows developers to deploy applications on Gather Network’s layer one through Spheron. New features will emerge as a result of the partnership for users to explore, including Gather Cloud Storage.

When users agree to share their processing power (used to secure the Gather blockchain without causing any UI/UX issues), Spheron may incorporate Gather Online into the websites or development platforms where users spend time and earn money as a result, the statement announcing the partnership read in part.

“Spheron is excited about the partnership as its core is all about integrating The Gather layer one blockchain into Spheron to let developers build decentralised applications,”| Prashant Maurya, CEO and co-founder of Spheron said.

Guided by consulting service through an incubation programme, developers could also issue project tokens which will be anchored on the Gather chain.

Spheron and Gather will explore revenue sharing possibilities based on the cost of users acquisitions after Spheron mainnet goes live and the Gather layer one is integrated to the process, Reggie Jerath, CEO and founder of Gather said.


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