Spheron Eyes Marketplace for Validators and Node Operators

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Later this year, Spheron Network plans to launch a marketplace on its network to help node operators manage their nodes, co-founder Prashant Maurya, revealed on Wednesday at Akash Weekly held on Twitter.

Maurya disclosed that the feature would be live by November and December when asked about Spheron’s roadmap. He said the idea was born out of the need to help people who run nodes and that Spheron would leverage on its partnership with Akash to create the feature.

So we realised quickly and then we said like since we are already part of the Akash integrations, why can’t we just go and launch our own marketplace which basically manages your entire node end-to-end, Maurya said.

“So for example, let’s say if you’re launching your validator, launching your validator is not everything, right?… After launching it, you have to manage it and that management becomes much more pain than it is today, right? So that is where we wanted to come up with the marketplace, which basically allows you to go and launch these nodes on Akash and then on top of that, they can also enable monitoring systems on these nodes or server whatever they are running.”

He said if a node goes down, the operator should be able to get notified on different channels.

Also on the roadmap, Spheron, which supports Meta mask and other EVM and non-EVM chains, will launch into other chains, Maurya said.

Which means that we are going to be launching on Optimism and we are already live on Arbitrium, the minute release is yet pending which will get released in a few weeks and then we are going to be most of the EVM compatible chain out there within next two or three months max, he said.

The Co-founder said Spheron grew its ecosystem by understanding how developers think in terms of utilising products in the ecosystem and building trust by attending events and workshops to talk to developers.

Even though it is a trustless ecosystem which we call it, it is trustless in business terms, ultimately we are all humans and we love to talk to real humans out there and that is how we were able to make the community or our ecosystem grow, Maurya said.


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