Spheron And Metawork Partner To Fuel The Adoption Of Web3

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The partnership between Spheron Protocol and MetaWork will create an opportunity for the former to launch communities and organise hackathons through the latter that is expected to build its web app using the Spheron’s decentralised storage networks, the firms announced on Thursday, saying it expects to fuel the adoption of Web3.

Spheron’s deal with MetaWork, a communication and collaboration operating system for Web3, which creates a new standard of messaging and notifications for teams, enterprise and decentralised autonomous organisations (DAOs), follows the pattern of previous collaborations where agreements are centred on operations and all parties win.

To sweeten the partnership, Spheron assures to support MetaWork connect to its partners and MetaWork will explore the options of deploying their web app using Spheron compute and save cost, time and effort, making sure their focus is on building a competitive and customer-centric product for their customers, the firms stated in a release.

For MetaWork, deploying its website on Spheron will be a step towards embracing the blockchain-based future of the internet while it assists Spheron connect with its DAOs and ecosystem.

At MetaWork, we could not find a better team than Spheron to support us with scalability, Metawork said.

In a statement attributed to Prashant Maurya, Spheron’s chief executive officer, the protocol is impressed with MetaWork’s mission and said the partnership was “to fuel the simple adoption of Web3 in every other way possible”.

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