Sarcophagus V2 and Liquidity subDAO

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The Sarcophagus Liquidity Farming Incentives have finally come to an end. That doesn’t mean the team has stopped working on other developments. On the contrary, the Sarcophagus team seems very focused to move ahead and continue building their code-focused around their Dead Man’s Switch protocol.

The main area of growth for the team is Sarcophagus V2, as well as getting their Liquidity SubDAO structured and running.

V2 Development

The concept of Sarcophagus could not be possible without integrating the best security known to the entire Web3 world. It is one of the team’s main focuses. This is why they insist on keeping the project development open sourced and public, encouraging people to jump in and help, or point out any bugs they notice.

Working together with the team of developers at Decent DAO, the devs are looking at ways to set up new multi-course architecture while also keeping an eye out to setup the node system more effectively. This includes figuring out how the Sarcophagus V2 gears will even work.

Liquidity SubDAO

In order to run and manage the liquidity of the Sarcophagus DAO, the Sarcophagus team is in the midst of setting up a new SubDAO, the Liquidity SubDAO. The decision to do so came after the Sarcophagus community members spoke out on the need for it.

Through the Liquidity SubDAO, SARCO token holders will have access to better liquidity.

In order for the Liquidity SubDAO to work correctly and securely, the team will be utilising a multisig message signing method, with between five and seven holders of keypairs. Among the members nominated to hold a key pair of the multisig keys are stakeholders, seasoned community members, developers, and investors. The nominated members will be voted upon during a community vote through the main Sarcophagus Aragon DAO.

What is Sarcophagus?

Sarcophagus is a dead man’s switch protocol built on Arweave, designed to be activated if the human operator becomes incapacitated, e.g. when someone passes away.

It has many different use cases, for example storing your Will and Trust, Credential Pass-down, or even something casual like Password Recovery.

If you want to read more about Sarcophagus and their Dead Man’s Switch protocol, check out this article. You can also join the Sarcophagus Discord Server here.

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