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Sarcophagus DAO, which is made up of a global team of software developers and security experts, have created a protocol that acts as a dead man’s switch – a switch triggered when it detects that the user is no longer present (e.g. deceased).

They are constantly developing and improving their DAO, and now have initiated their voting for their members and community to decide on their Growth subDAO funding. The voting is live, and seeks to outline the structure of the Growth subDAO, which in turn will set out all the guidelines for the logistics of how Sarcophagus DAO will grow (community outreach, contributor bounties, usecase specific research & onboarding, and more).

The first proposal drafted for the Growth subDAO (the Sarcophagus Growth subDAO Proposal v2) can be downloaded and viewed on ArDrive here.

The proposal

The Sarcophagus developers, team and community members have identified the main goals that Sarcophagus should seek to achieve going forward. These goals are what they are hoping to get approved via the vote. These goals include creating all the required infrastructure needed for anyone to understand the Sarcophagus DAO, building and maintaining relationships with other DApp developers (and others), and making connections that will emphasise the wider mission (and use cases) of the Sarcophagus DAO and its Sarcophagus DApp.

The first goal focuses around content creation

The content needed is mostly documentation required to allow people to understand better (especially those not versed in Web3, like investors) just what it is that Sarcophagus DAO does. Having an easy route to understanding the DAO will facilitate wider adoption of the DAO and also easier relationship building.

One of the biggest use cases of the Sarcophagus Dapp at this moment is the use for one’s Will & Testament. Sarcophagus’ Dead Man’s Switch protocol allows for such documents to be stored safely, encrypted, and automatically sent out after the deceased fails to sign a message with their wallet (indicating something has happened to them).

The content needed for the subDAO includes:

  • Artwork and document templates (brochures, letterheads, POAPs, etc.)
  • Infographics.
  • Easy to understand one-pager and elevator pitch writing.
  • But also, more in-depth and detailed technical writings.

Next up is market research and outreach

This will help the team understand their users more and facilitate to their needs. By understanding each individual use case better, the right resources can be assigned to each sector of the DApp. Take the above example of the last Will and Testament. If over 50% of users are using sarcophagus for this and only this, it will mean that obviously more resources need to be allocated to the development and improvements of this functionality.

At the same time, if Sarcophagus has identified a use case they want to target, they will be able to gather information needed to supply the end user with the right tools to achieve this.

Market research and outreach will focus on:

  • Persona development for users of each Use Case to build material around their concerns and perspectives.
  • Understanding regulations in various jurisdictions.
  • Reaching out to users that fit each persona.
  • Someone goes through the legal process of establishing a will and testament and documents the process.

Last up is the Customer Relationship Management (CRM) side of things

With the projected growth of the protocol achieving all of the above, all existing and new relationships will have to be maintained in a proper manner. This is where this last main area of focus comes in. The CRM’s main focus will be to:

  • Maintain a database of various partners, external collaborators, and clients.
  • Define partnership strategies for other parties.
  • Coordinate between Market Research and Outreach groups to keep the team updated.
  • Gather analytics to understand demographics and traditional use cases.
  • Build metrics and KPIs.

If the structure of Growth subDAO vote is passed by the community, Sarcophagus DAO will go on to set everything in motion by creating multi-sig addresses (similar to their Payroll subDAO). To simplify the process even further, the members that will be part of the multi-sig will be asked (not required) to use an ENS name/address. In order to not hinder the growth of the DAO, any less engaged contributors can be voted out by the community, and in the same fashion new contributors can be voted in. In turn, the multi-sig wallets will be funded, and bounties/compensation for contributing to the above core items will be set.

Also, core team members will be selected to work on some of the core areas of the new structure’s plans. In order to track all tasks and bounties, a Dework working board will be used.

Lastly, to keep the ball rolling, bi-monthly meetings will take place to discuss Sarcophagus’ strategy going ahead.

More info

To read more about Sarcophagus, check out our article here.

The complete Growth subDAO details can be found here.

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