Sarcophagus first major update before public dApp testing

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Sarcophagus DAO recently successfully went through their Archaeologist Node Network Kickstart plan, which put Sarcophagus a step closer to achieving its long-term goal of launching an on-chain decentralised Dead Man’s Switch. 

Now, it has announced a major update to its platform in preparation for the public testing of their decentralised application (dApp). The update changes how node fees are set from a flat rate per wrap/rewrap to a monthly amount. This update is an important step for the platform’s development and aims to improve usability and accessibility for its users.

Let’s have a closer look!

Sarcophagus DAO update

For those operating a node on the current testnet contracts for the Sarcophagus DAO dApp, the platform has provided a guide for setting up nodes with the new fee system and contracts. The first step is to withdraw the bond from the current contract registry. After withdrawing the bond, the tokens can be used for a bond in the new setup. Users that are unable to remove their bond can find a pool to get more gSARCO on the Goerli testnet on Uniswap.

The second step is to re-register the node. To do this, users must follow the prompts for registering and then run a command to start up the service. Sarcophagus DAO has reminded users to set their digging fee close to 1 SARCO per month to ensure maximum use during the upcoming testnet testing.

If users encounter any errors during the process, they can post their issue with screenshots of the error and their profile settings in the node-support channel of the Sarcophagus DAO Discord server. The full update instructions have been posted in the server.

What is Sarcophagus DAO?

Sarcophagus DAO is a decentralised autonomous organisation (DAO) buiding a Dead Man’s Switch protocol on the Arweave and Ethereum blockchains. The protocol provides a secure and decentralised way for individuals to lock up their data and have it sent to a third party upon certain criteria being met. The purpose of Sarcophagus DAO is to ensure that users’ data is not lost, inaccessible or misappropriated in case of unforeseen circumstances such as death or incapacitation. 

Sarcophagus allows users to lock their files into a smart contract that releases the data to the designated beneficiaries once the criteria has been met. The governance of the Sarcophagus DAO is decentralised, transparent, and community-driven, with members able to vote on proposals and decisions that affect the operation of the DAO.

We currently rely on the Arweave network exclusively for storage. When compared with the other decentralizedfile storage options. Arweave’s endowment-based payment mechanism is a direct fit for the mission and scope of Sarcophagus – Sarcophagus litepaper.

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