Sarcophagus Archaeologist Node Network Kickstart

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Recently the Sarcophagus DAO underwent a vote for the Archaeologist Node Network Kickstart Proposal that outlined the launch of Sarcophagus Testnet Archaeologist nodes and operations that would help kickstart a mainnet launch with a pool of available operators at the launch date.

The proposal passed, and subsequently, a goal of committing 100 running nodes to the testnet was set. Now, that goal has been met.

So what does the move mean for the community, and is it too late to launch a node yourself? (Spoiler alert, it’s not!)

Let’s dive in!

Archaeologist Node Network Kickstart

Although the initial goal of 100 nodes has already been met, Sarcophagus highly recommends more people create their own nodes. This is due to anticipated fluctuations while working through updates on testnet.

So how do you go about setting one up yourself? Here are the steps according to an official Sarcophagus Twitter thread:

  • Join the Sarcophagus Discord with a profile that is active/not new.
  • Navigate to the #nodes-and-technical-discussion channel and post the Goerli testnet address you are going to use for node bonds.
  • Once you have posted the address, Sarcophagus will send 200 gSARCO and .02 gETH in Goerli to the wallet for operating the testnet node and record your profile/address in the public Notion repo for tracking here.
  • After you receive testnet funds, follow these instructions to launch your node.

Overall, the Archaeologist Node Network Kickstart plan includes three phases of operation and two phases of incentives with a budget of over 500k SARCO (the Sarcophagus DAO token) paid out from the DAO and distributed by the Ambassador Vault. You can read the full plan here.

The successful onboarding of the nodes means Sarcophagus is one step closer to achieving its long-term goal of an on-chain, decentralised Dead Man’s Switch. And if 2022 is anything to go by, the team is setting Sarcophagus up for major future success.

2022 Sarcophagus end-of-year review

Sarcophagus recently released its 2022 end-of-year review, showcasing all the success the Web3 project and team had over the year.

In 2022, the Sarcophagus Community had a productive year, with the core team focusing on building the best version of their v2 dApp. Some notable highlights include the Jekyll Island Meetup (where the team met in person for the first time and developed the framework for v2), closing funding rounds of $5.47M, the end of liquidity farming and mining incentives, and the formation of subDAOs (Liquidity and Growth) to support the growth of the project.

Raising nearly $5.5 million in funding allowed them to make solid development decisions and promote the growth of the project. Along with all this, their two newly created subDAOs now help manage liquidity and allow the DAO to implement more stability for swaps. A testnet targeting contributors for v2 was released, and the team is confident that the improvements made in the dApp will make integrating a decentralised Dead Man’s Switch easier. 

Additionally, the team released an article evaluating the DAO’s governance.

Read the full review here!

If you want to learn more about Sarcophagus v2, check out our article here.

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