Sam Williams Advocates for Proper Labelling of dApps’ Decentralization Level

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Arweave’s founder, Sam Williams, said Wednesday on Bundlr’s maiden Twitter Space that the level of decentralization of applications in the crypto ecosystem should be indicated by how many projects that claim to be Web 3.0 are at best Web 2.5 implementations.

I am all for decentralization and also all for this kind of interim solution while we get there. Over time, we are going to have to solve this problem of correctly labeling whether something is properly decentralized or not because there are many things that claim to be decentralized in the crypto ecosystem broadly that really aren’t.

Williams also said he would like to see decentralized social media built on Arweave, a decentralized storage network, to help democracy survive.

[..]the reason I think so is pretty simple. Democracy is looped; where we vote and we elect representatives to power them do things? We talk about those things and we disagree on them and then we eventually come to a consensus through debate and then we go to vote again there is like a repeat.

[..]But if we get in the way of that debate step, we will slowly corrupt and subvert the system, the efficiency of the system at finding the right answers to questions over time… we are walking down a dangerous and regrettable slope.

On founders handling legal and compliance issues while focused on building and growing projects, Williams said crypto startups had more compliance burden than typical startups and that overseeing such issues slows down development for founders who are mostly technology-focused. He noted that it was critical for founders to hire experienced operations officers to help deal with compliance issues.

Williams said the network was thinking of hiring dozens of operations associates to help founders who go through its investment initiatives, including Open Web Foundry and Arweave Build, to grow startups successfully.

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