RSS3 Upgrades Search Bar, Collaborates With Web3 Identity Platform

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In yet another collaboration to enable access and utilisation of Web3 information, RSS3 on Wednesday, addition of new features to its search bar and a partnership with Unstoppable Domains, an NFT domain provider and Web3 identity platform.

The team up will help users to be able to browse a wide range of Web3 identities powered by Unstoppable Domains on the RSS3 feed. Unstoppable Domains uses crypto name service in place of Web2’s domain name service.

This week, RSS3 also announced support for other Web3 name services including SpaceID and Dotbit.

As RSS3 continues to evolve, we are looking forward to seeing the whole project helping out more users and developers as it is now better than ever, Joshua Meteora, founder of RSS3 had said in August.

Non-fungible token domains minted on the blockchain offered by Unstoppable Domains, give users full ownership and control of their digital identity with no renewal fee. Unstoppable Domains’s solution replaces the lengthy alphanumeric crypto wallet which is being used in cryptocurrency-related operations with human-readable names.

Unstoppable Domains was named one of America’s Best Startup Employers in 2022 by Forbes and it says it has over 2.7 million registered domains.

The mission of our frens at Unstoppable Domains aligns with ours at RSS3 and we believe that this collaboration will make the Web3 ecosystem more readable and transparent for users. RSS3 allows users to browse many types of domains on the feed, including Unstoppable Domains, RSS3 said in a news release.

Using the RSS3 platform may have gotten better with new features added to the search bar. The search bar has been upgraded with an auto-complete feature and direct application of filters in the search bar. The new features are part of v1.1.41 changelog.

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