RSS3 Partners Binance Name Service To Provide Index Function Service

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A partnership between RSS3 and Binance Name Service (BNS) which allows the former to provide index function to the latter by making on-chain activities accessible to users was announced on Wednesday.

BNS on-chain activities which can be accessed through RSS3.IO and application programming interface (API) include non-fungible token, donations, transaction history of tokens, mirror, xLog, and governance, RSS3 said in a statement.

The partnership not only enriches the product functionality and user experience of both parties, but also provides an easy and stable development interface for BNS eco-developers, offering more options and possibilities for the development of both eco-projects, the statement read.

The RSS3.IO tool was built by RSS3 developers at the Natural Selection Labs to collect and make feeds and information about addresses for use by developers and average users easily accessible. Use cases for RSS3 feeds include data visualisers, analytics and community platforms for decentralised autonomous organisations.

BNS is a domain name service on the BNB chain which aims to build a brand-new platform to link every user in the Web3 world.

Arweave News had reported in June this year that RSS3 plans to position the project to serve as support structure for social, content and media applications.

Matthew Hegler of RSS3 marketing told Arweave News following the announcement of the strategic partnership with BNS that the project’s use case is not limited to tracking on-chain activities.

Outside of tracking activities, an alternative use case for RSS3 is becoming an information hub for all your Web3 activities. As Web3 evolves, so will the activities you want to search for and track, Hegler said.

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