RSS3 Adds New Features To Its Webpage In Stage 2 To Support Both Developers and Non-tech Users

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RSS3 desires to make its Web3 information dissemination product more helpful to users and developers. The project’s Founder, Joshua Meteora said following the advancement of its webpage to stage two which comes with improved features.

New features on the include watch and reader functionalities which help track the activities and profiles of any Ethereum Name Service or address.

One of the things that is different from the previous stage is how we position the homepage. Previously, only served as the portal for developer docs, which was providing little value for regular users. We really want to see if the new website can provide value for both devs and non-tech users, Meteora told Arweave News.


RSS3.IO webpage


The stage two of merges the best features of Cheers and Revery, two developer applications which were first created and operated to test RSS3’s capabilities. Cheers, initially called Web3 Pass, is a cross-platform profile dApp and was built to support indexing of data from different networks. Revery aggregates Web3 feeds and shows that activities across different networks could be used to build social media.

Cheers and Revery and some third party applications were built on the PreNode infrastructure and served about 70,000 users, RSS3 said. But PreNode’s capacity to scale was impeded by challenges, including lacking support for non-registered users which restricts data they could access, dependent on centralised platforms for Web2 contents. There was also instability caused by third party providers and it was slow.

The challenges prompted RSS3 to develop PreGod and Crossbell and moved applications in its ecosystem to the new architecture which serves about 100 million monthly requests, the project said.

It will continuously evolve toward the scope, depth, security and clarity of all that is essential for information dissemination, including feed, search and all yet to come, RSS3 said.

Arweave News had reported in June 2022 that RSS3 plans to position the project to serve as support structure for social, content and media applications.

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