Releap x Gigaspace Strategic Partnership

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Releap – the Web3 music streaming service – and “Web5 metaverse” creators Gigaspace have announced a strategic partnership that will help take music on blockchain and artist collaborations to a whole new level.

We’re thrilled to announce our partnership with Releap, one of the most popular music NFT platforms built for artists and their fans. Established on the Solana blockchain, Releap curates hundreds of artists’ work on their platform and allows them to truly own their work with Releap Studio.


Teaming up!

Releap – built on Solana and Arweave – has already created a great place where musicians who want to dwell into the modern age of Web3 and take back control of their music rights and music monetisation can thrive.

The platform offers many useful tools for musicians and bands to get their music into the hands (technically speaking) of their listeners, but also provides many ways for artists to get to know their fan base and community better, by connecting with them.

Now, through the partnership with GigaSpace, Releap will be able to take that idea one step further, allowing even more unique connections between artists and fans through GigaSpace’s metaverse.

GigaSpace is building as they call it “the world’s first Web5 metaverse. The metaverse will be a place for businesses, teams and communities to meet and partake in different activities, effectively combining the Web2 and Web3 worlds. Within the virtual world, artists and managers will be able to put on music events and concerts anytime without boundaries. GigaSpace will have SPACELAND specifically dedicated to Releap. 

A SPACELAND is an non-fungible token (NFT) that represents ownership of a plot of virtual real estate in the GigaSpace metaverse. It is on this land that owners can can build and create experiences upon it. 

Effectively, Releap now have a sort of dedicated venue, or maybe even festival ground, within the GigaSpace metaverse for all their artists and their fans. But it doesn’t stop there, as artists might simply want to set up a meet and greet with their fans in the virtual world, or maybe even host a music clinic.

The possibilities are endless.
To learn more about GigaSpace visit their website here.

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