Releap Launches Solana Music Exchange

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Releap, the music streaming NFT platform built on Solana and Arweave, has been on a developing spree as of recently and nothing seems to be able to stop them. Now they have brought to market their most anticipated feature yet, Releap Exchange – a powerful music NFT marketplace and the first of its kind on Solana.

So what is it and how does it work?

Let’s dive in!

Releap Exchange

Releap Exchange is the main section of Releap’s social music marketplace. Think of it as Opensea for music NFTs, but on Solana!

We are proud to release the first music NFT exchange on Solana. We believe that music NFTs should be cheap to create, fast to send and should be able to stand the test of time, said Aaron, Co-founder, Releap.

Via the marketplace, artists will have freedom of control over their creations and the way they want to release and distribute them. They will have the ability to mint their music into an NFT at will, whilst choosing the amount of NFTs available, the listing price, and royalties from resales on the secondary marketplace.

Releap Exchange has been very user-friendly and intuitive from the very start. A few months ago, whilst Releap Exchange was still being built, founder Aaron took me on a preview tour of the Exchange, showing me some of the features. A lot has improved since then and it is great to see it all come to fruition.

One feature Releap Change now brings to the table to add to the platform’s established aesthetic is “NFT Collections”. NFT Collections allows artists to group NFTs together making releases more customisable and composable. Think of grouping together all songs from an album or a compilation, instead of listing them one by one on the Exchange.

Browsing the Exchange is easy. You can scroll through the various artists on there, previewing their songs as you go. All songs are hosted on Arweave’s Permaweb so that they can truly live forever – Releap simply retrieves the files from there. Uploading the media to Arweave happens automatically upon an artist minting their NFT.

Once you find something you like, you can go ahead and purchase the NFT, which will in turn grant you instant access to that artist’s Circle, an exclusive members-only area of the platform only accessible by holders of one of the artist’s NFTs.

Looking ahead

Releap Exchange is surely set to help revolutionise the music industry as we know it with its reimagining of what a music marketplace can look, feel, and operate like when using Web3 technology.

Releap is on a mission to create all the tools needed by musicians in order to take back control of their creations – Releap Exchange puts them one step closer to that goal.

Check out Releap Exchange here and stay tuned for more updates.

What is Releap?

Releap is a Web3 music NFT platform built on Solana and Arweave that aims to be the go-to place for musicians of all statuses. By offering a platform that artists can utilise to connect with their fans, as well as to monetise their music in a way that has been unfathomable in recent music industry history. They aim to be the de facto Web3 music streaming and music NFT platform around.

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