$QUAD,A New Open Protocol Supporting Permaweb’s Social Networks !

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People deserve to earn proportional to the value they create, of any kind.

By applying this concept to everything from artists to developers, a complete incentive-circle can be created.

$QUAD is a protocol powered by a universal, flexible transaction tagging standard.powers the creation of social applications built on Arweave in a decentralized, democratic way.

As an experiment ( straight-to-community-ownership) , $QUAD airdropped all of the tokens in the protocol’s profit-sharing community to everyone with more than 0.1 AR. So what are you waiting to participate?


Fund decentralized, censorship-resistant social projects that power ownership economies

If you’re building a social application and need funding, rally the Arweave community to vote on funding your project with $QUAD tokens.

Any transactions made on a social platform should include the tag: ProtocolSQUAD in addition to any applicable tags in the spec.


  • You’re incentivized to only follow people creating value & will “follow” you back (often friends).
  • You would be able to buy into the revenue stream of a user.
  • You would be able to grow your personal value and a community, simultaneously.
  • Friends would generate income for you.


  • Token holders are financially incentivized to adopt the protocol.
  • Developers are incentivized to implement the protocol by building social media applications conforming to the spec.
  • Token holders are incentivized to stake the tokens to vote on proposals such as funding developers, updating site content (this!), & changing community settings.


Profiles ➡️ Social Tokens

Users become their own PSTs, where “following” another user mints a token for them to give to that person.


Posts ➡️ NFTs

These tokens can either be collectively owned by holders of your social token, or they can be sold to other users.


Likes ➡️ Tips

When someone gives another user a “like,” a tip is distributed to the user’s token holders.



Community-governed site:
Community chat:

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