Polygon Joins Gnosis Chain On The Graph’s Multi-Chain Support Programme

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Polygon is the latest blockchain to be added to The Graph’s decentralised network, making it possible for developers who use Polygon to easily find data to build applications and taking The Graph a step closer to providing multi-chain support, according to an announcement made on Thursday at the ongoing Polygon Connect event at Bangalore in India.

Polygon joins the likes of Gnosis Chain which The Graph said in August 2022 that it was first EVM-based chain to be supported and it was selected for its user-friendliness of running nodes and adoption within Web3.

The Graph, and indexing and query layer of Web3 adds support for blockchains through its Multi-chain Incentivised Programme (MIP) which was announced in six months ago by The Graph Foundation to bootstrap indexers to add support for new chains on the decentralised network, enabling migration of multi-chain subgraphs. The MIP prepares for the eventual cease of hosted service by The Graph.

Although it is not clear how long support for Polygon has been in the pipe, some believe that support for Solana would be the next to be added going by comments by Yaniv Tal, The Graph Protocol’s co-founder’s comment in August this year responding to a question about why Solana was yet to be added.

Tal said Solana’s integration was still ongoing. “There’s substantial work there because of the different programming model and the volume of data”.

The Graph Network expanding multi-chain support is a historic step forward for the web3 ecosystem and the incentivised MIPs program prepares Indexers to reliably index and serve queries in a multi-chain environment. That multi-chain environment begins with the addition of a new chain on The Graph Network, The Graph wrote in a blog.

Polygon developers will be able to improve efficiency by using The Graph to find data to power applications. Polygon node operators could become indexers to serve decentralised applications on the network.

The Graph Network allows founders and developers to build more decentralised applications, as it decentralises the open data layer. With this step, The Graph becomes an even more crucial part of the Web3 stack, Tegan Kline, founder of Edge & Node, the initial team behind the Graph was quoted by Polygon to have said.


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