Pianity – The Web3 music success of 2022

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2022 was certainly a very interesting year for the world of Web3, whether you think of crypto prices falling to lows they hadn’t seen in a long time, or entire Web3 companies (like FTX) collapsing and bringing the rest of the industry down with their sinking ships. 

But, beyond all the noise, there are many success stories to be told.

One of those stories is that of Pianity – the Web3 music platform on Arweave. 2022 was a great year for Pianity. From a major multi-million dollar funding round to great partnerships, let’s take a look at all of Pianity’s accomplishments in 2022.

Pianity in 2022

In March 2022, Pianity managed to raise $6.5 million in a seed round that enabled it to keep building its platform and expanding in many ways – as we will see below. Read about the funding round here.

In April, Pianity launched its secondary market, which allowed music NFT collectors to have a way to resell their NFTs. A marketplace is crucial for any art-NFT sector, and Pianity delivered a truly modern-looking platform with a highly intuitive User Interface (UI) that offers an exceptional User Experience (UX).

In June, Pianity launched ArSnap, the first step in connecting MetaMask users with Arweave. You can read more in-depth about ArSnap in this article by our very own writer and journalist, Pierre.

Mid year, we saw the launch of Pianity Band – powered by Web3 company Crew 3 – a series of quests and challenges that allowed users to be rewarded with Pianity’s native token $PIA.

Later in the year, Pianity went on to release many new features for its online platform, including adding a Playlists feature. One of the biggest updates to the platform was designing a way in which music fanatics could curate all the music on the platform in a truly decentralised manner. Read more on this here.

October saw one of the biggest updates yet for Pianity, as they released their mobile app, enabling their community of users not only to access their music NFTs but also to interact with the NFT-gated communities those NFTs gave them access to, all from the palms of their hands. Few Web3 companies actually have working apps right now, so this was truly a biggie!

And as the year started coming to a close, while everybody was getting into a festive mood, Pianity was still going strong, never relaxing, as they made history by signing the first-ever agreement involving music NFTs with French royalty collector and distributor Sacem. And as if that wasn’t enough, they were then made co-organisers of MIDƐM+ – the music industry’s must-attend trade show that has been held in Cannes since 1967.


If 2023 comes anywhere close to being as good as 2022 for Pianity, then the future is definitely bright for one of the leading Web3 music platforms around. We wish the entire Pianity team the greatest of success in 2023.

And who knows, maybe this will be the year of the (mainstream) music NFT.

What is Pianity?

Pianity is a music NFT platform where musicians and their communities gather to create, share, trade and collect limited-edition tracks. Launched in 2021, it was built from the ground up as a profit-sharing community. Its high user rewards, amongst other things, is what makes it appealing to many artists and users alike. Their goal is to change the traditional music industry and streaming services by making the market fairer for all participants via the use of blockchain and Web3 technology.

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