Pianity – New round of PIA token rewards begins

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Pianity – the Web3 music NFT marketplace powered by Arweave – has announced it is commencing its new rewards round, powered by the Crew3 – a Web3 platform which enables community members to be rewarded by contributing to their favourite projects. By participating in the rewards round, users are able to complete tasks and quests, earning experience points (XP) along the way, which later on will be converted into $PIA tokens.

If you missed out on the last rewards round that Pianity offered via Crew3 (named Pianity Band), now is the time to get started fresh.

How it works

By creating a Pianity account and connecting your wallet to Crew3 you will be able to complete various tasks on the platform. Completing the tasks will earn you experience points (XP), which later on will be converted into $PIA, the native Pianity token. The basic structure is as follows:

  • Each completed quest rewards users with an amount of XP relevant to the difficulty of the quest.
  • At time of writing, in this iteration of Pianity’s reward round on Crew3, there are 63 quests.
  • Some of the quests can only be completed once, and others can be performed multiple times.
  • The more quests you complete, the more you unlock.
  • A leaderboard ranks members by XP gained.

How to participate

You can visit Pianity’s section of the Crew3 website here. You’ll need to connect your wallet to Crew3 via Wallet Connect. Wallet Connect enables wallets and apps to securely connect and interact.

After that, to become eligible for receiving your PIA rewards, you’ll need to complete a mission (aka task) called “The Merge”. The Merge mission requires you to sync your Pianity account to Discord, and is a mandatory step that allows the rewards to be sent to you.

The Merge mission requires you to:

  • Create an account on Pianity’s website.
  • Verify your email address.
  • Go to your Pianity profile’s settings page.
  • Click “Linked Accounts”.
  • Click “Link my Discord”.
  • Complete the sync.

After doing so you will simply need to submit a screenshot showing your account is linked properly to Discord, as proof.

After doing so, you’ll be able to continue the quests on Crew3 and start earning your PIA tokens.

There are many different types of missions to complete, categorised as follows:

  • Start-Here – The Basics, including your first mission “The Merge”.
  • Discord – Discord missions, involving tasks such as introducing yourself on the Pianity Discord server.
  • Socials – Social missions, like retweeting and liking on Twitter.
  • Pianity – Pianity specific tasks.
  • Quizz – Complete quizzes to earn XP.
  • Associates – Weekly associates meeting.
  • Music – Missions to follow on Spotify and Deezer.

Powered by Crew3

Pianity Band is powered by Crew3, a Web3 platform which allows users to contribute in meaningful ways to their favourite communities, companies and projects, all while getting rewarded for doing so.

Crew3 hosts many different projects’ missions. Check them out here.

What is Pianity?

Pianity is a music NFT platform where musicians and their community gather to create, share, trade and collect limited-edition tracks. Launched in 2021, it was built from the ground up as a profit sharing community. Its high user rewards, amongst other things, is what makes it appealing to many artists and users alike. Their goal is to change the traditional music industry and streaming services by making the market fairer for all participants via the use of blockchain and Web3 technology.

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