Pianity Mobile App Updates – MP3 and Lossless Audio on Web3

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It seems like we just dropped the 2022 recap of everything Pianity accomplished last year, yet they are already releasing more updates for its ecosystem.

This time around, the updates are about its mobile application, which has just received new exciting ways for users to interact with their favourite artists and vice versa.

Let’s take a look at everything new in the Pianity mobile app!

Pianity Mobile App Updates

The first mobile app feature comes to the tune of channels. Specifically, artists that utilise the Pianity mobile app to connect with their fans can create individual channels within their Clubs. Channels can be set to private, public, or even announcement settings. If you want to find out more about Clubs, click here.

Secondly, we have a feature which many may take for granted in Web2, but is not so prevalent in the Web3 space yet. We are referring to reactions or, more accurately, emoji reactions. Simply put, users can now add emoji reactions to the messages and mentions they receive. As Pianity puts it:

Add some flair to your messages and mentions with reactions.

Furthermore, users are now able to choose the types of notifications they want to receive from the Pianity mobile app, selecting whether the alerts will be only for new messages, just for mentions, or whether they want to mute all notifications.

This last update will certainly appeal to all the audiophiles out there, as Pianity has added the capability to choose the audio streaming quality. Users can select between the mainstream MP3 quality or – if that isn’t enough for them – they can opt for the superior Lossless FLAC (Free Lossless Audio Codec) quality. And if you didn’t already know, Pianity utilises Arweave to store all its users’ music, so those High-Quality tunes are set to remain available indefinitely. If you want to try out the Pianity mobile application yourself, you can download the app here.

The future seems bright for one of the most active platforms in the Arweave ecosystem – Pianity. With their track record in 2022, we can only imagine what they have to surprise us with in 2023.

[2022] has been an incredible year for Pianity! From raising $6.5 million in funding to releasing our mobile app and implementing so many features to the platform, we’ve accomplished so much in a short time! We’ve also seen the Arweave ecosystem grow and thrive, with new amazing projects built on it, despite the market’s challenges. We’re excited to continue building, and we’re confident that the year ahead will bring even more success and growth- Kevin Primicerio, CEO and co-founder of Pianity.

What is Pianity?

Pianity is a music NFT platform where musicians and their communities gather to create, share, trade and collect limited-edition tracks. Launched in 2021, it was built from the ground up as a profit-sharing community. Its high user rewards, amongst other things, are what makes it appealing to many artists and users alike. Their goal is to change the traditional music industry and streaming services by making the market fairer for all participants via the use of blockchain and Web3 technology.

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