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Pianity – the Web3 music NFT marketplace powered by Arweave – never stops releasing updates for its platform, improving it for the creatives as well as their audience.

Now, Pianity has rolled out two new features for its platform, bringing it one step closer to mainstream adoption. The two new features are “Playlists” and “Likes” which allow artists and collectors to create custom playlists, featuring the songs they like!

Let’s take a closer look!

The Playlists feature

Artists and collectors are able to like playlists (just as they are individual songs), and in turn add them to their profiles.

But in order to create a playlist of their own however, they will need to own the music NFT themselves.

Collectors are only able to add each song they have purchased to one playlist. In order to add the song to additional playlists, they will need to have purchased different editions or scarcities of that song – these are essentially separate NFTs with variations in, for example, the mix. Artists can add their own songs to the playlists they have created without restrictions – such as owning different editions or scarcities.

Public playlists have to consists of a minimum of three songs.

Setting up a playlist is pretty straightforward. To do so, users go to their profiles and click on the new Playlist tab that appears there. Subsequently, by clicking on Create Playlist, they are prompted to select the songs they would like to add to it, after filling in these details:

  1. Name – The name of their playlist
  2. Description – A description for their playlist
  3. Tags — Relevant tags can be added to the playlist for better searchability.
  4. Cover — A custom cover can be set for the playlist (alternatively users can set an auto-generated cover created from the covers of the songs within the playlist.
  5. Private or Public – Users can set the visibility of the playlist to either Private or Public.

The Like feature

Even though it may sound like something simple – after all we take it for granted in the centralised Web2 world – Pianity has added the ability to like your favourite songs (and playlists), subsequently adding them to your profile.

Users can do so by pressing the heart button (as in the Web2 world) on any song or playlist they come across that they want to save to their profile and easily have access to or find later on. Users can find their liked songs and playlists and access them from the new “Likes” tab, found in their profile.

Additionally, any song owned by a user will feature an orange plus symbol (+) next to it, allowing them to easily add it to a playlist.

What is Pianity?

Pianity is a music NFT platform where musicians and their community gather to create, share, trade and collect limited-edition tracks. Launched in 2021, it was built from the ground up as a profit sharing community. Its high user rewards, amongst other things, is what makes it appealing to many artists and users alike. Their goal is to change the traditional music industry and streaming services by making the market fairer for all participants via the use of blockchain and Web3 technology.

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