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Pianity has just made it easier for Web3 music curators to get rewarded by doing what they love the most – listening to music. Every week, the top three music curators on the Pianity Curator Leaderboard can earn up to 1600 PIA (Pianity’s token).

Let’s have a closer look!

Curators in the Web3 space

We live in the digital era. And that digital era is governed by the technology we have. One of the most powerful pieces of tech we have created as humans is the Internet, which today is mostly governed by Web2-centric companies and their apps. Music is no exception to the Web2 foundation. But Web3 is here to change all that and give power back to everyone in the music industry, in a decentralised way – cutting out the middleman.

When it comes to thinking about music streaming platforms, and the music industry as a whole, most people’s minds might go straight to the artists and musicians themselves. But there is much more to the music industry than just the artists. Apart from producers, sound engineers, promoters, venues, and many more roles, there exists one very crucial role…

The one of the curator. 

Rewarding Pianity’s curators

Pianity is one of the leading Web3 and music NFT platforms in the blockchain space today. And it’s here to make sure everybody in the music industry gets what they rightfully deserve. Simply put, using Pianity pays off, and being a curator on Pianity is no exception, as Pianity has introduced its Curator Leaderboard to reward the best music curators on their platform. 

Pianity released Toplist roughly a year ago, allowing their community members to vote on the best songs on the platform. Toplist was a success, and since its creation, hundreds of songs have gone through the community curation filter before successfully being sold on the Pianity marketplace. One of the benefits of having a decentralised curation process like that is having multiple users decide on a tune, as opposed to one central authority – or one solo curator.

As mentioned in Pianity’s blog post:

“…[curators] play a key role in the industry and deserve to be paid.”

A reward system has been in place since the introduction of Toplist. For each song voted in the Toplist, a 100 PIA reward has been distributed among the voters, with the amount each voter receives based on the time and the number of votes they gave (early voters get more PIA).

Pianity’s Curator Leaderboard and Rewards

The process is super simple. Just keep curating, aka voting, on the best tunes on Pianity. At the end of each week, the curators that make it to the top three spots on the Curator Leaderboard – the ones who received the most PIA from voting on individual songs – get rewarded even more!

The rewards are as follows:

  • 1st curator: 1600 $PIA
  • 2nd curator: 800 $PIA
  • 3rd curator: 400 $PIA

If you want to check out the Toplist and vote, head over here.

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