Permaswap BETA now live!

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Permaswap is a decentralized exchange (DEX) built on the Arweave platform that allows users to trade assets across multiple public blockchains. The beta version of Permaswap is now live, providing an early look at the platform and an opportunity for users to experience its features and provide feedback to help improve the final product.

The beta version of Permaswap is a crucial stage in the platform’s development. It allows us to gather valuable information about how the DEX works in real-world scenarios and make any necessary adjustments before the full release. It also allows the community to experience the platform and provide feedback on their experience.

What is Permaswap

Permaswap is a decentralized peer-to-peer (P2P) network that allows anyone to deploy Router and liquidity provider (LP) nodes. It is designed to be censor-resistant, meaning it cannot be interrupted or shut down.

Here is the advantage of Permaswap compared to other DEX:

  • Unlimited scalability, as each Router can connect to hundreds of LP nodes and provide exchange services to thousands of users. Multiple Routers can be deployed on the network to provide price distribution and order generation.
  • Flexible configuration, as its network protocols support multiple types of the automated market maker (AMM) market-making curves. LP nodes can choose the market-making curves that best suit their needs.
  • Resist miner extractable value (MEV) attacks, in which miners can use their position to exploit transactions for personal gain. In Permaswap, users sign orders with a deterministic bundle that identifies income and expenditure, making it impossible for bots to carry out MEV attacks or to use user assets for arbitrage.
  • Self-custody of assets, as private keys and assets are kept in the hands of the LP nodes. This decentralized approach to security reduces the risk of attacks and makes assets highly secure. Additionally, the simple and easy-to-audit mathematical notation used for quoting and signing helps ensure the network’s security.

How to participate

The Beta version is on the mainnet. There are two ways to experience Permaswap:

Swap tokens

As a DEX, the most foundational feature is the swap. If you want to buy some AR tokens, go to Permaswap. Permaswap will have a limited number of pools available for trading. In the future, we plan to add more pools to the platform to increase liquidity and enable more assets to be traded. We will have the below pools at the first and more PST token within beta version.


PST will obviously added as soon as possible but if you want to see more tokens, please contact us to tell us which token you would like to see on the platform.

How to swap tokens, please check the tutorial below.

Tutorial Link: How to swap token

Add liquidity

There is a threshold to add liquidity in the early stage of Permaswap to maintain the network’s efficiency. This ensures that the platform can handle the initial influx of users and provide a stable trading experience. In the Beta version, your assets in everPay need to overcome 2,000 USD. After going to the Precursor stage (phase1 on roadmap), only the NFT holder can join the liquidity mining.

Any individual or institution holding PSN tokens can join the Forerunner (phase2 on roadmap) Network by staking PSNs and becoming an LP node to provide liquidity to the network.

For more information about the roadmap you can check the whitepaper: Permaswap whitepaper

Please fill in the form to join the whitelist. We’ll check that every day, so if the wallet you fill in holds more than 2,000 USD, you can add liquidity within 24 hours.


tutorial :

Building Together

If you’re interested in helping shape the future of our product, we encourage you to participate in the beta mainnet. By experiencing the new features and functionality of the mainnet, you can provide valuable feedback that will help us improve the final product. So take this opportunity to have a say in developing our product. To join the beta, follow the instructions on the mainnet website and get started today! Together, we can make Permaswap the best it can be.

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