Permacast Launches V2 With Funding from Arweave, RSS3 and Mask Network

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Permacast, the Arweave-based podcast hosting platform, has just launched a V2 following a pre-seed round led by Arweave, RSS3, and Mask Network.

The first version of Permacast, outlined here, was a proof-of-concept to demonstrate that the web2 model of expensive podcast hosting was nothing more than a centralized file hosting server with the ability to generate RSS feeds. Web2 podcast hosts are incentivized to keep users paying the subscription because the RSS feed that apps like Spotify and iTunes read from is hosted on their servers.

Permacast reverses this model, offering a pay-once-store-forever model. And, with V2, Spotify and iTunes-compatible RSS feeds are now available too.

With Arweave data storage fees way down, the cost of storing an episode forever is under a dollar. For a 20 episode podcast, that’s the price of a couple of months of web2 hosting plus the guarantee of permanent storage, no subscriptions, and even the chance to be tipped in tokens by appreciative fans.

Unlike traditional podcast hosts, data stored on Arweave is vendor neutral. This means it doesn’t matter that it was uploaded first to Permacast, because it is accessible by any app. The smart contract generated when a user uploads their first show can be queried by any app, and the code for everything is open source.

The Arweave ecosystem has been quick to adopt Permacast. Since V2 launched, Permacast now hosts all Arweavers AMAs, ArDrive’s ArCast, Sarcophagus’ DAO planning calls, and more.

Check the library here.

To summarize, V2 introduces:

  • ArConnect integration
  • Spotify and iTunes-compatible RSS feeds
  • Preparations for token tipping
  • Bug fixes to front end and base smart contract

The Permanent Podcasting Grants Program

Permacast is offering to fund entire shows wishing to upload on the platform with a permanent podcasting grant. Apply using this form to get a wallet with enough AR tokens to store your show.

With this, Permacast hopes to preserve interesting shows in perpetuity and make the platform for useful for everybody. Plus, if it means that the shows can sever ties with their existing subscription-based providers, shows have more money to focus on what matters.

Whether early adopters go through the grants program or not, Permacast hints that there will be rewards for those who upload shows first. The launch of their $NEWS token, which will power tipping on Permacast, is coming up soon.

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