Store Podcasts Forever on Arweave: Permacast V1 is Now in Open Beta

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Podcast hosting is expensive, centralized, and vulnerable to downtime. Hosts are also often anti-user – a monthly subscription locks you in, and if you stop paying, your connection to other apps that serve the podcast’s files is severed.

While building permacast, we found that podcast hosts charge an average of $15 per month to store episodes. With an Arweave-based model, that would mean hosts can upload around 30 episodes each month for the same price, and have those episodes stored forever on the permaweb.

For the past two months, we’ve been working on bringing the idea of permanent podcast hosting to life. Today, we’re excited to announce the launch of the permacast open beta and its first podcast: the Arweavers AMA sessions.

The roadmap

For V1, it’s possible to add new shows to the permacast podcast library and upload episodes. This makes the app a place to store your shows and discover shows from other creators.

Next up, we have a ton of essential features and improvements in the works, including an incentivization layer for creators and their fans.

  • ArConnect integration
  • RSS & RSS3 feeds for each podcast
  • Tip your favorite shows
  • Buy shares of podcasts with the Arweave News PST
  • Earn when fans tip podcasts you own shares in

Get involved and win an NFT

We’re offering a limited run of NFTs for the first creators who upload their shows to permacast. To upload, visit permacast here, log in, and use the upload button in the top bar. After your show is added to the index, you can click it to go in and upload episodes.

The Archivist #1 and #2 been minted as Koii atomic NFTs:

Do you run a podcast, or know someone that does? Use permacast to store your audio files forever and get a limited edition NFT.

Visit permacast here


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