Grammy-nominated producer BT releases living NFTs on Arweave

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American Grammy-nominated musician and DJ BT (Brian Wayne Transeau) is known for his wide-spanning creative energy at the intersection of crypto and EDM (electronic dance music).

After his first Arweave-hosted project and 14th release, the Metaversal album, BT recently hit us with his latest creation, “The Orbs”. The album was created in joint collaboration with crypto-philanthropist and NFT art curator 888 and Gala Games.

What are The Orbs?

The orbs are a collection of 3,333 unique audiovisual NFTs on the Ethereum Blockchain, with all the NFT assets and metadata uploaded to Arweave via ArDrive. The NFTs are unlike anything we have seen so far in the space so far – live, immersive, programmatic, animated 3-D objects with their own unique characteristics. They are a combination of audio-reactive art, MIDI and digital signal processing.

Each of The Orbs will morph in real time depending on the music it hears. This will happen indefinitely – due to them being stored on Arweave’s Permaweb – and the animations will always be live and never loop. As BT puts it, they will be available:

“Until the end of the internet”.

The way they morph is not predefined. Utilising code, they will change pseudo-randomly, constantly evolving like living creatures. Expect to see a combination of beautifully mesmerising rendered terrain, skies and stars accompanying your Orb.

Here is a video BT shared on his Twitter account showcasing one of the orbs


The Orbs dropped at a time to coincide with Gala Game’s “Gala Music” initiative. They were created to have layers of future in-game utility in the Gala games ecosystem. The NFTs adapt to each game title in the series and have their own unique utility within each one. On top of this each Gala games player who holds an Orb will be able to benefit from increased play to earn rewards, especially people who hold Orbs of higher rarity.

The Orbs initially started minting on the 14th of February and sold out quick quick via the website, but can be purchased on the secondary NFT marketplace OpenSea here. 888 of the initial Orbs were set aside for members of 888’s inner circle and their upcoming TNW platform for upcoming artists.

At the time of writing there are already 1400 Orb owners, and the current floor price sits at 1.099 ETH for each NFT.

About the artist

BT is a graduate of Berkeley music college in Boston Massachusetts and has studied and worked with generative music for over 20 years. His Curiosity for the art of controlled randomness led him to always be drawn to composers which used this style. 

Blockchain technology has allowed BT to bring his dream to life and materialise this idea. He believes that the concept of endlessly generating art is something that can open the doors to new artists who want to create modern pieces.

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