Open Web Foundry #6: Registrations Are Open

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A new Open Web Foundry (OWF) has been announced and will run from February 2 to March 16, 2022. The registrations are open now and will close February 2nd, 2022 at 23:59:59 UTC. As usual, to apply you need to register on Gitcoin and join the Arweave Dev Talk on Discord.

What is OWF?

OWF is a six-week program for developers and founders who are launching new startups on Arweave’s decentralised web. Open Web Foundry is for new profit sharing communities (PSCs) and founders further developing existing projects. Arweave supports fully decentralised, permanently hosted web applications and it can be used to form PSCs around the application. 

OWF guides founders through the process of launching a startup from the idea, product, users to pitching for investors. It also offers masterclasses, live support, opportunities to meet other participants and more. 

During the OWF process applicants deep dive on foundational topics by industry experts, gain support from PSC experts, have a chance to showcase the developments and keep on track with new developments in the ecosystem. And what’s not less important – gain insight and learn new ideas. 

It concludes with a Demo Day which offers the leading projects the opportunity to showcase their product. The Arweave core team and other supporting investors are there and founders can pitch for investment. The aim is to support new and existing teams to let them progress with their projects. 

For our past coverage of OWF projects, check here and here.

Requirements for applying

Applicants need to register on Gitcoin and join the Arweave Dev Discord channel to get started. There are some rules apps must follow to be accepted in the project:

  • The apps must be open source with the full source code available on Github or other open code hosting repository. You can use whatever OSS license you most prefer.
  • The project should ideally be a Profit Sharing Community (PSC) on Arweave.
  • The project must include a link to a live and functioning instance of the app by the end of the six week programme.
  • The UI should ideally be hosted on Arweave.
  • Submissions must be shared in the #on-the-arweave channel upon competition.

About the investment

The Arweave team is investing $100’000 USD across the successful projects submitted to the OWF. Other investors will consider investing alongside Arweave and the investment will be made in exchange for the project’s profit sharing tokens. 

More than $20,000,000 has already been made in investments across the alumni of the first four batches. 

The workshop schedule will be announced at a later date. Click here for more information.

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