Nina’s new music themed Web3 podcast: 400 FLOOR

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Nina Protocol has just announced its new venture into the world of audible Web3 content. This time around, it isn’t music, but instead, an entire podcast dedicated to music, artists, their stories, and more.

Its name? 400 FLOOR. And it is launching fairly soon!

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400 FLOOR by Nina Protocol

Nina is known mostly for its Web3 music platform, but that’s old news. 400 FLOOR brings on a new way for artists to reach out to their fans and communities through engaging conversations with their peers.

In each episode of 400 FLOOR, two musicians are paired up to discuss their origins in music through the scenes and relationships that helped shape them. Via 400 FLOOR, fans will get to know their favourite musicians more in-depth – something they will definitely appreciate. 

On the podcast, which is hosted by Jack Callahan, listeners will be able to hear interviews from famous as well as underground artists. According to the trailer – which you can access directly on Nina here – 400 FLOOR has a lot of great musicians lined up for the coming episodes, including clips from interviews of Surgeon & Regis, Angels in America, Jeff Witscher & Daren Ho, Cory Arcangel & Jacob Ciocci, Samara Lubelski & Bill Nace and John Elliott & Mike Pollard.

And if this has piqued your interest, know there isn’t long to wait! The first episode with Tony Surgeon and Karl O’Connor (Regis) will be released on February 8th.

In the trailer, Jack Callahan mentions:

Through each conversation, you’ll gain insight into the context and communities that are foundational to any music culture.

Other than directly on Nina, 400 FLOOR is available on major podcast hosting services, including Spotify, Apple Podcasts and Stitcher.

The podcast trailer is also available as a digital collectable on Nina, but hurry because there are only 100 copies. At the time of writing, 81 out of 100 remain. It’s worth noting that the collectables have a 10% artist resale fee attached to them.

Happy listening!

What is Nina?

Nina is a decentralised Web3 music platform that seeks to address the inequalities in the music industry by providing a new standard that supports artists and fans alike. With Nina, users can buy, sell, and stream music online, and artists are able to receive 100% of the initial sales from their releases. Nina’s platform is built on the Solana blockchain and all data is stored on the Arweave blockchain. 

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