NFT’s Creators & Collectors, A Call From OPENKOI

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The Koi Network provides incentives for participants to create / find the best content. You store it permanently, and receive dividends when the archive is viewed in the future. Through the use of the Koi Network and Arweave’s Permaweb, participants will be able to earn lifelong dividends for submitting content that receives attention in the future.

Using Koi Desktop app, Anyone can act as a witness to this process , and receive a share of the rewards for helping to ensure that the archive is a valid and accurate representation of the original content

Openkoi makes the web a reliable public resource, all information will be available to all people, with creators and builders rewarded for contributing data that other people find valuable — just as it should be. No longerare intrusive ads, sale of personal data, or freemium models of access required in the new web


There is a plenty of answers for this question, simply Koi has no gas fees and anyone can participate, scalable voting technology allows everyone to verify content quality, and Creators are rewarded directly without being dependent on ad revenue.

Also let’s talk about some web’s core problems solved by Openkoi, from disappearing links to accountability for ‘fake’ news and disinformation— by incentivizing the creation of an open knowledge archive on Arweave’s permaweb. This archive is accessible by all, forever. The Koi network applies free-market principles with deliberate mechanism designs in pursuit of robust solutions to these issues.

The Koi Network exists to aid the curation of an open , permanentarchive of highly valuable information, many organizations already engage in web crawling. The Koi Network gives them a way to monetize their findings by receiving dividends for submitting content to the permaweb. In addition, crawlers can prioritize URLs which have existing KOI bounties, and there by offset the cost of their scraping even further. Koi will provide easily implemented hooks to support integration by any existing parties, as well as easy to use templates
which can be deployed by hobbyists on consumer hardware.


The Koi Network creates a content curation game, with participants being rewarded proportionately to the value of the data they create. Every piece of content submitted is permanently backed by Arweave’s storage endowment. Once stored, content continues to indefinitely produce rewards when accessed.

Source : OpenKoi’s White Paper


The Koi Network rewards reliable content curation by rewarding creators that drive the most attention and engagement on the platform. Rewards earned from attention can then be spent to submit more content to the network, or to pay others to help curate information to ensure that viewers have the full picture, and thereby reduce clickbait and other forms of false attention signals.

When a piece of content is registered to the Koi network, it can generate rewards for up to 200 years, as long as it has traffic. This means that while clickbait and other ‘gotcha’ media can provide short term rewards, the ultimate value creation accrues to those who create content that can endure the test of time.

As an example of how this kind of a system will work, OPENKOI are announcing a contest to find the best content in the NFT ecosystem. This contest will run for 200 years, so don’t expect to see the winner any time soon.KOI are now offering a grant of up to 100 KOI for content creators and collectors who want to publish their NFTs to the Koi ecosystem. For each NFT registered, Koi will issue a Profit Sharing Token (PST) which entitles the bearer to a share of 1000 KOI tokens each day, proportionate to the amount of attention their art receives during the prior 24 hours.

Sneak peak of the upcoming Koi Leaderboard

Owners of Ethereum-based NFTs will still retain ownership of their original digital assets, but will receive an additional asset which is transferable, and owns the rights to the future attention rewards stream (potentially hundreds or thousands of KOI). The team at Verto have kindly offered to facilitate this contest, and will support the trading of these ‘attention’ assets to allow for price discovery.

What are you waiting for?
If you’re an NFT creator or collector and you want to show off your stuff, consider this your chance to prove that your NFT is the coolest thing on the internet. Send KOI an email at [email protected] and they’ll help you get set up.

The contest starts in two weeks, so don’t wait! Spots are limited.

Disclaimer: Anyone found to be falsely registering NFTs that do not belong to them will have their rewards confiscated and transfered to the rightful owner.

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