NFT + NFC + Arweave: another “innovation” Using Arweave’s Permaweb

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The PlottedPunks project tracks the original CryptoPunks market. Each time an original CryptoPunk is sold, a PlottedPunk version of it gets created both digitally as an NFT and physically as a pen-plotted piece by a machine entirely automated will live stream itself physically drawing a community voted generatively styled version of the punk. Embedded NFC chips within the physical pieces are cryptographically linked back to your NFT and stored on the permaweb


  1. PlottedPunks detects when an original CryptoPunk is sold on the market and automatically notifies the Discord channel and Twitter feed.
  2. Four unique styles based on the CryptoPunk are then algorithmically generated. A community vote via the Discord channel decides which style the PlottedPunk should be drawn in.
  3. 60 seconds later the voting is closed. The plotter randomly decides what paper and ink to use and begins to draw the chosen style.
  4. Whilst the machine is plotting (this can take up to 30 minutes for each piece), the NFT is automatically minted on OpenSea and put up for sale.
  5. The physical PlottedPunk is shipped out to the new owner, embedded with an NFC chip to serve as Proof of Authenticity and verifies the piece’s provenance.


A maximum of 1,000 PlottedPunks will exist. That means not all original CryptoPunks will get plotted and entirely depends on their market activity. Voting and plotting will only happen if at least one person is watching the live stream.

the live stream will only be plotting between 4PM — 10PM UTC / 12PM — 9PM EDT / 9AM — 3PM PDT. CryptoPunks sold outside of these hours will be added to a queue.


When you purchase a PlottedPlunk you will receive the NFT collectible, the physical copy of the machine-drawn PlottedPunk (entirely optional), and a “Certificate of Plotting” time-lapse video of the plotter drawing your PlottedPunk.

Additionally, each physical piece contains an NFC chip (scannable with your phone) which serves as Proof of Authenticity and verifies your piece’s provenance. The NFC chip points to an Arweave permaweb metadata file containing cryptographic hashes of your on-chain Etherum transaction, a link to the PlottedPunk website and the OpenSea item page.


  1. Style : Four different styles exist including “Hatched”, “Circular”, “Flow” , and “Maze”. The style to plot each punk in is chosen by the community through the Discord channel.
  2. Paper : Initially two styles of high-quality paper will exist: A4 Bristol WHITE 250gsm and Daler Rowney JET BLACK 300gsm. These choices are chosen randomly at the time of plot, with black paper being ultra-rare (1% chance). The paper choices of the physical print will be represented by the background colour of the NFT.
  3. Ink : And initially two styles of ink will exist: the archival-quality BLACK Pigma Micron with permanent, fade resistant, chemically stable, and pigment-based ink and Uni-Ball Signo Metallic Silver 0.65mm. Over time, additional colours may be added. The ink choices of the physical print will be represented by the stroke colour of the NFT.


Soon you will be able to connect your wallet to the PlottedPunks website and enter your shipping information to automatically be sent your PlottedPunk. There are plans to make the live-stream more fun, including choosing the music, controllable disco lights and allowing people to control the plotter whilst it’s “sleeping”. Join their  Discord if you would like to share your ideas.

Depending on the success of the project, the initial community may be rewarded and receive a physical 3D printed version of their Punk. And over time, the project may expand to other collections; e.g., PlottedHashMasks and reward the early adopters.

Also a special event will be happening during the Christie’s auction on 13 May! Check It Out!

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