New RedStone Finance Warp Contracts Hit Light Speed

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RedStone Finance has been keeping some very cool updates brewing in the background. The unsuspected Web3 community has now been hit with their latest update, that sounds to the tune of new smart contracts…

Warp Contracts.

The announcement came via their Discord server. Join the server here to receive all of RedStone Finance’s latest updates.

Warp Contracts

Anyone familiar with RedStone Finance will probably know that the team has actively been creating tools for the entire existing dev community, whilst also educating and onboarding new devs via their Warp Academy.

In a bid to give their contracts and tools a whole new brand image, so to speak, Redstone finance has rebranded their contracts, naming them Warp. The reason for the name is simply the extremely high speed at which these smart contracts can execute when utilising the RedStone toolkit.

Using the RedStone Warp Contracts, developers can benefit from:

  • Fast transactions processed in seconds.
  • A secure WASM sandboxed execution environment.
  • A convenient set of extra tools for developers

All in all, as RedStone put it themselves, Warp contracts are:

SmartWeave contracts on steroids.

To get all the details on the new Warp SmartContracts, visit the freshly created website by RedStone here.

The previous iteration of their smart contracts on Arweave’s Smartweave, namely redstone-smartweave, will no longer be supported. Any developers looking to utilise the RedStone packages for their own projects should now only use the “warp-contracts” package.

Getting a bit more technical, the Warp SDK is the implementation of the SmartWeave Protocol, that works in both web and Node.js environment, which has been built with performance and modularity in mind.

The Warp SDK consists of 3 main layers, as seen below:

  • The Core Protocol layer
  • The Caching layer
  • The Extensions layer

(Read more technical details about the SDK here.)

The team has also set up a new GitHub organisation where you can find all the Warp Contracts related repositories.

At the same time, they have updated all relevant domain names for their existing RedStone ecosystem tools, including the new Warp Academy (previously known as RedStone Academy), as well as their SonAr explorer.

The Warp SDK also provides useful methods which ease the process of evolving smart contracts. For those unfamiliar, evolving is a feature in SmartWeave that allows the contract deployer to add more properties to the contract’s state – even after deploying the contract and its state files. RedStone has added support for evolving all contract types (not only PSTs). 

Soon, the team will be adding support for saving new contract source through Bundlr, which in combination with RedStone’s Sequencer, will make the evolving process as fast as possible.

For more info on how to implement the SDK in your own contracts, please check out RedStone’s official readme here.

SDK Improvements

The team is also working on a massive refactor in their SDK, focusing on how the state of a contract is being cached by the SDK.

As is the case now, they are cached per block height, but after the improvement, the contract state will be cached per transaction. On top of this, some caching methods (like file-based cache and knex-based cache) will be removed.

As posted on their Discord server, the entire list of changes to the SDK can be found here, with more news on the way as the SDK improvement implementation takes place.

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