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At the end of September we bought you news that Akord – the permanent storage protocol built on top of the Arweave blockchain – was opening up its code in order to allow developers to integrate it into their own projects, while at the same time announcing Akord v2. Now, Akord have made an update to v2 and added some new features.

Let’s take a look!

File size limit increase

File size limits have been increased for uploading and downloading, with the limits now being extended to 30 GB.

This is great for users that have single files as large as that, and do not want to chop them down into smaller chunks, and for users that may want to zip/archive multiple files together.

Akord can handle this size files even when they are encrypted, and the uploading and downloading has to do all the encryption and decryption in the browser.

According to Pascal Barry, Akord’s Co-Founder, in the Akord community Discord server:

Firefox has some known issues when dealing with large encrypted files, so we recommend sticking to Chrome or Safari when dealing with large files on Akord.

Here is an example of a 10 GB file that the Akord team uploaded during their testing phase.

Vault/File info

The addition of vault and file information is the second update that the Akord team made to v2 this week. Now users will be able to see the “Vault/File info” option from the vault and file menus. Selecting this option triggers a slide-out drawer which contains transaction IDs (TXIDs) and other useful metadata.

The exact information that users will be able to see by selecting these options are as follows.

File info

From the file menu, select the “File info” option and you will see a slide out tray that holds useful information on your file:

  • Metadata TX ID – This identifies a transaction made during file upload and holds the file metadata
  • Node ID – Akord identifier of the file – useful for querying metadata from Akord API with CLI
  • First uploaded date
  • Last modified date
  • Version
  • Status
  • Size
  • File type
  • View transaction link (takes you to the transaction page on Arweave blockchain explorer,

Vault info

From the vault menu in the top right, select the “Vault info” option and you will see a slide out tray that holds useful information on your vault:

  • Vault ID – Warp contract identifier – useful for querying transaction log and vault assets
  • Metadata TX ID – Identifies vault initialisation transaction – useful for querying data like name or creation date
  • Member ID – Akord identifier of currently authenticated vault member – useful for querying user interactions with vault metadata and encryption keys
  • Created at date
  • Status
  • Size
  • View contract link (takes you to the vault contract page on

Learn more about Akord

If you would like to learn even more about Akord, take a look at this article from April, where we had the chance to speak to Pascal Barry, Akord’s Co-Founder, about all the amazing upcoming features, and goals, the Akord protocol had (and has) to look forward to. 

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